Want to sell Animals Outside the Island

Want to sell Animals Outside the Island

Have animals but want to sell them of course you can do this. Selling animals is certainly not only around the place but also outside the island. Before you send your pet off the island, there are things you can do, such as


those of you who want to send goods such as animals, first determine the services. Make sure you have confirmed with the airline, so you can feel more secure in sending goods. Zlatnido

Livestock service

Before sending animals to another place, make sure you fill in the data to the animal husbandry service. It’s not just filling out a form to send an animal. But you can ask permission and find out if you can send the pet.

Health Certificate
make sure you already have a health certificate for the animal you are going to send. If your animal is healthy without any disease, of course, you must have a letter.

funny cat
funny cat//tax and certificate

Quarantine letter

Quarantine letters will usually be obtained from the airport. If animals that have been vaccinated are up to 7 days old, they may be sent.

the place
those of you who want to send animals don’t be too narrow and not too big either. Because animals that have cages that are too big will make the animals uncomfortable.

make sure you have chosen the right food and provide food in solid form. Usually, people who send animals always bring food and drink so they don’t starve on the way.