Visit the zoo

Visit the zoo

Visiting the zoo is certainly not just a walk. many couples bring their children to see cute and cute animals. Invite them to get to know all the animals in the zoo. Not only seeing the pictures through picture books and videos but being able to see directly the activities and behavior of the animals.

It’s really cute and adorable, it makes lots of kids excited and wants to feed them and pet them. There are many types of animals that you can meet. Visiting the zoo can teach children about the types of animals they encounter.

Animal type

Zlatnido – If you visit the zoo, don’t forget to meet the prima donna of the zoo. Of course, some of you know which animals are always the prima donna and children’s favorite. The following types of animals that you can find in the zoo are:

One of the animals that many people like very much. Panda is the best-known animal and a favorite of many people. Apart from being tame, pandas also sometimes make movements that are very funny and cute.

feed and take photos together//Panda


Going to the zoo, of course, don’t forget to meet elephants. A huge beast capable of destroying any object with a single blow. Elephants are actually very cute and can provide some exciting attractions by lifting objects using their long trunks.

Zebra cross
One of the animals has the same body color as the crossing sign. This horse-like animal is always the center of attention of zoo visitors.

If you visit a zoo, don’t forget to meet horses that live in the water. The hippopotamus is an animal that comes from the African continent. Its large body can soak in the water for a long time.

One of the animals that you can visit and feed. There are two types of deer, some have horns and some don’t have horns. In the world of deer, children are often mentioned in fairy tales, namely the mouse deer. It’s no wonder that children who meet deer will be happier and happier.

Animals that are excellent and often difficult to visit. The ferocious king of the forest turns out you take a closer look, it is very fierce and scary. For adults, this is very dangerous. But do you know that children who see it look different? Like a big cat that is very strong and dashing in the eyes of children.