Siberian tiger

Siberian tiger

The Siberian tiger is a tiger that is so famous that it lives in cold areas. Usually, you can find this one tiger not only in China but in Russia or even Korea there are big cats too. This one tiger has counted less than 500 tigers. The depletion makes it likely that this tiger will be endangered. It’s no wonder why there are so few Siberiantigers because this tiger was always hunted. The Siberiantiger in Russia is of course guarded and protected. Zlatnido


Accepts food up to 9kg each day. But a tiger that has a large body, of course, has to eat approximately 45kg. Usually, rabbits, fish, or mice are preyed upon, but if there is a small bear, it will surely be prey too.

It has cute colors and shapes//sharp

striped facts

Siberiantigers have facts that are rarely known by many people
Habitat, The natural habitat of the Siberiantiger is in China and Russia.

  1. Size, the actual size of the Siberiantiger is 3.3 meters, and weighs 300kg.
  2. Hobbies, not only humans have hobbies but also tigers. The hobby of the Siberiantiger is swimming. Even though its body is big, this tiger is still agile in its swimming action.
  3. The Siberian tiger has the same striped color