Shrimp Feed

Shrimp Feed

Shrimp is a seafood that is often targeted by many people. Many people prefer fresh shrimp food to prawns that have been in the freezer for days. Sea animals have a lot of vitamins so they are the target of mothers to provide food for their children. Shrimp Feed

Shrimp in the sea usually eat plankton, but there are several types of shrimp that like to eat the remaining dirt in the mouths of large fish. The type of shrimp that likes to eat plankton is of course the shrimp in the sea. However, shrimp in freshwater have different foods such as cucumbers, ornamental shrimp pellets, or spinach vegetables. Zlatnido

Give food to shrimp usually at night, because at night the shrimp will look for food. But for those of you who keep shrimp, of course, you can feed them during the day and let them eat them alone at night.

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The type of shrimp feed currently varies among various companies that are competing to provide the best. Whatever the food, you need to try first what food and which one your pet shrimp likes. Although each shrimp has the same type, the food is not necessarily the same.