Raise the Right Cat

Raise the Right Cat

Cats are just animals but cats can be pets that are so adorable. Pets like cats cannot be treated as long as they are treated, of course, there is a right way to care for cats. It takes commitment so that you can care for cats properly and well. Here’s how

Provide Food and Drink

Of course, so that your cat grows healthy and grows big, cats must still be given food and drink. Prepare a clean drinking and eating area for the cat. Think of cats, not as animals but think of cats as your friends. Provide food and drink in a clean place so that the cat will always be healthy.

Feather comb

Zlatnido – The function of combing a cat’s fur is to remove damaged hair from the body. Make sure you comb the cat’s fur regularly so that the hair doesn’t fall out. Apart from these reasons, you will also keep the cat’s fur clean.


It’s not only humans who need a toothbrush, you can brush your teeth on cats. There must be a lot of dirt that is stored up as you continue to eat a lot. By brushing the cat’s teeth, the dirt in the mouth will not make the cat sick. The cause living things often get sick is rarely brushing their teeth.

provide a beautiful and comfortable place to live//eat

The function of the sandbox is to make a place for cat defecation. Cats use sand so that their bowel movements can be stored tightly. If you have sand, the cat will feel safe when defecating, apart from that, the cat’s intestines will run smoother.


Indeed, the cat is in 1 house with the owner, but a cat that has its own cage will be safer and more comfortable. Make sure the cat’s bedding is warm so that the cat doesn’t get a stomach ache from the cold. Cats are so afraid of the cold that during winter they are reluctant to roam around