Most Expensive Dog

Most Expensive Dog

Dogs are often underestimated and considered useless. But such a statement is clearly wrong. The reason is that dogs are smarter at guarding their masters than other animals. There are too many dogs around the world, but those of you who want the most expensive dog with an explanation

German shepherds

Zlatnido – The German shepherd dog is the most expensive dog breed. If you have a dog like this, you can afford to own a luxurious home, because this dog has a price tag of up to billions. There are so many types of German Shepherd dogs that you need to understand what kind of shape you want.


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The Rottweiler dog is a dog of the German breed. Rottweiler dogs are usually used as working dogs which often help the police to carry out military duties. The color of the Rottweiler dog’s fur is blackish brown with ears that fall close to its head. The price of this dog is one of the most expensive because it has a value of up to hundreds of millions.


The Samoyed dog has a cute shape in terms of body and fur. The white and irregular fur color makes this dog look even cuter. When he was small this dog looked like a very cute polar bear. This dog, originally from Siberia, can pull a train when asked by his master. This samoyed dog has thick fur so it needs a cool atmosphere.


Akita dogs have been around for over 100 years. This dog has intelligence in hunting. Apart from being a hunting dog, this dog is often used as a player in various Hollywood films. Akita dogs have a price tag of 60 million.

Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff dogs have very high prices if you want to buy them, the price range is around 24 billion. The coat color of the Tibetan Mastiff varies, some are black or golden. This dog is so rare, this dog is famous as a war dog.