How to Train a Cat to be more obedient

How to Train a Cat to be more obedient

Cats are the second most popular pet after dogs. Cats are also smart pets. Usually, many people say dogs are smarter than any animal but cats can prove it. A cat can become smarter if taught correctly, here’s how How to Train a Cat to be more obedient


Cats are like children who need to be talked to. If the cat is often talked to then the cat will understand better. Usually, cats are often talked to will better understand the intentions of their master. You set your tone when you are angry or give a warning. If you’re being able to also adjust the tone of speech.


Give credit to the cat if it succeeds in going through each process of smart learning. Give him his favorite food if he is smart to do his job. Zlatnido


take the cat to play as often as possible. Cats or anyone, of course, are happy when they are often played with. Providing hours of play will make the cat feel cared for. So those of you who have taught the cat correctly will make a schedule for the cat to play.

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You can train cats in the way you want to be treated. People who like to play with cats will of course make cats more comfortable. Animals like cats are also able to recognize their masters.