How to Take Care of Elephants

How to Take Care of Elephants

Elephants are animals that need to be protected from extinction. Elephants do have enormous bodies but elephants can still be managed. The elephants in the world, of course, must be looked after. Maintaining sustainability is not just about living plants but animals also includes things that need to be preserved.

How to preserve elephants is

Breed – Zlatnido
By giving elephants the opportunity to breed, of course, you will continue to be able to see elephants. Adult elephants should indeed have offspring that are not only 1. An easy way to reproduce is to let the male elephant and mother unite in 1 room.

Provide food and drink

playing with elephants
breeding elephants//playing with elephants

Raising and caring for elephants must prepare some drinks and food so that elephants are healthy. Elephant food and drink are not difficult. Because elephants only eat grass and drink water. Living in an area with lots of grass will certainly make it easier for elephants to get proper food. For the drink, you can take the elephant to the river or you can give the elephant a drink yourself


Giving elephants a place to live cannot be careless. If necessary, provide a place to live near the forest and close to the river. Establishing a special place for elephants will of course make the elephants feel safer.

Don’t Hurt the elephant
While in captivity pay attention to the visitors. Write an inscription prohibiting harming elephants. Not only hurt but as much as possible don’t poach elephants without your knowledge.

Having a pet elephant, at least you also provide socialization to the local community so they don’t hurt and hunt elephants. With socialization, you will be calmer letting the elephant live for the rest of its life. The elephant is a large animal which is animal that has begun to step and become extinct. There are elephant protection laws. Inside it says it will arrest and punish anyone who hunts and catches elephants.