How to deal with female cats’ lust

How to deal with female cats’ lust

How to deal with a female cat in heat can be said to be difficult – easy. Cats who are in marriage sometimes have a slightly sensitive souls. Seeing the cat’s strange behavior with all its behavior will certainly make you confused. A sensitive feeling that can turn into sadness and suffering.

To get rid of sensitivity, of course, you can prepare the right steps. The best step for all of your cats. Entertaining cats is a sign of eliminating boredom and can make cats happy. You can start trying to play with your female cat with several types of games such as playing catch fish, toys filled with food, and several other movements.

Steps to overcome lust

As long as the cat is still in heat, it will certainly make the heart and mind uneasy. Zlatnido – You can prepare compressed water. Let the cat sit on the compressed water so it can calm down. Cats in heat sometimes also show a lazy attitude. As a good friend, you should check it every day. Cleaning the cat’s poop area so that the cat wants to defecate again.

When your cat is in the heat for the first time, maybe you will be confused about how to act. Ordinary people, maybe they just think that cats are very noisy and let them go. Make a female cat come home pregnant. But if you are used to it, of course, you won’t worry. Cats that fail to mate during heat can appear again a few weeks later.


marriage period
prevent pregnancy by neutering cats//marriage period

If you don’t want your female cat to get pregnant, you can take her to the vet. Get the cat sterilized. So that your cat is not pregnant and no longer needs to feel lust. Of course, you will feel sad because the cat you love cannot give cute and cute children anymore. But it’s a different story if the one you sterilize is a male.

So females can still contain only male cats who cannot give children. The purpose of neutering is actually very good for owners who don’t like having multiple cats or people who feel that they are too busy with adult cats.