How to be liked by cats

How to be liked by cats

You can apply a few easy steps to make your cat like you. Seeing a cat that is furry and sweet who will refuse it. I really want to stroke and cuddle a sweet and cute cat. It’s just that not all cats like to be approached. There are some cats that are fierce and don’t want anyone to touch them.

Even so, you are still excited, not with a fat and sweet cat. Did you know that cats can also be approached in unique ways, such as:

Move alone – Zlatnido

When you meet a cat, you can adopt a willing but shy attitude. Cats will come to someone who is alone sometimes. Or you can give a small response so the cat can move closer to you.

Getting close in a cat way

give the right portion//sweet

Of course, you have met cats who greet each other. Before starting to greet them, they sometimes smell the smell of the opposite sex or cats of the same type. Now for those of you who want to get closer, you can reach out and let them sniff first. If it fits they will let their bodies be caressed by you.


The thing cats love the most is petting. When you pet the cat, it will give you a funny position. They will grunt, wring their paws, and much more.

Love space

If you meet a cat that is afraid of people, don’t chase it. This will make the cat more alert and not want to approach. Giving space to the cat will make the cat more trusting and closer.


If you have a cat, don’t forget to arrange the food. Don’t let the cat weigh too much. Because when fat cats won’t be able to clean their own bodies. As a cat lover, of course, you will maintain a cat’s diet.