How Long Are Cats Pregnant

How Long Are Cats Pregnant

Many think that pregnant cats are the same as humans for up to 9 months or what is commonly called 40 weeks. In fact, cats only have up to 67 days to 72 days to conceive. Of course, the period of carrying a piglet is not as precise as that of humans, so we cannot determine when a cat will give birth. A cat’s pregnancy is not just 1 child but can reach 6 kittens.

Food For Pregnant Cats

If you keep a pregnant cat, make sure you give more food to the cat. Because in the womb of a cat, there are lots of tiny babies. In a cat’s stomach, there are many children different from humans. If humans only have 1 child but in a cat’s stomach it can reach 5 to 6 kittens. Pay attention to the cat’s food and drink intake if you want to have a healthy cat. Cat food is not just given to pregnant cats. For this reason, the following foods can be given to cats: Zlatnido

Dry cat food such as maxi, fleabite mother, and kitten
Chicken / Beef

Food taboos for cats

Having a pet will certainly make you not feel lonely. The reason is having a pet will make you feel different things. Pets like cats also have dietary restrictions so they don’t get sick and even die easily. Here are food restrictions for cats


It turns out that not only dogs are not allowed to eat chocolate but cats are the same. Chocolate is considered toxic food for cats so it cannot be given. If a cat eats chocolate it will trigger convulsions, diarrhea, and even trigger an increase in body temperature.

avoid toxic foods//contain

Processed products

Processed products that are afraid of cats are milk and cheese. If a cat eats any of the processed products it will cause diarrhea. Milk is good for both kittens and their mothers themselves, but there are dairy products specifically for cats so you don’t need to worry if you see a kitten without a mother.

Dog food

Those of you who have dogs and cats should never compare their food. Because if dog food is given to cats, it will damage the cat’s fur, apart from making the cat’s eyes myopic. Making a cat’s eyesight damaged will certainly be problematic apart from that the cat being given dog food will make it die quickly.