Female cat in heat

Female cat in heat

A female cat who is in heat sometimes makes all the residents of the house uneasy. Maintaining a cute and cute cat will certainly be very fun. Seeing their ridiculous behavior can make you happy and the stress disappears. But what power if the cat you care for turns out to be a female cat?

Female cats, like humans, generally have fertile periods and menstrual periods. Even adult female cats will find ways to safely pass their heat. If you don’t neuter female cats then they will continue to have an endless mating period.

Changed behavior

Zlatnido – Female cats that are ready to be mated are usually six to ten months old. The fertile period for active and agile cats. Most owners don’t know that a cat’s lust period can reach quite a long time. This is what sometimes often sees the behavior of cats starting to be different from before.

For those of you who keep a female cat, of course, you need to know the nature of a cat that is starting to lust. Here’s the behavior you should be aware of:


The nature of a female cat who starts to want to lust usually starts to be spoiled. Rubbing – Rubbing the body to some objects while turning his back. Of course, ordinary people will feel confused. Not only objects, but you can also become victims of a cat rubbing. When rubbing the cat will lift its tail to carry out the mating process.

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Excessive bathing

Did you know that when a cat licks itself excessively, this indicates that the cat has started asking to be married? There are some people who say that a cat that shows excessive licking may have urinary tract disorders. You can try to take it to the doctor immediately to have it checked.


A cat that continues to meow non-stop is indicating that it is calling its partner for intercourse. A call that continues on continues until it gets a partner.

Mating position

The general public, of course, they have seen the position of mating cats. When the cat is mating, the female is always below and the male is above. The female’s head is down, the front legs are bent as if they want to lie down, and the back is raised so that it can enter easily, don’t forget to also lift the tail and place it beside the cat’s body. Sometimes you also often see male cats that are mating and biting the head of a female cat.


Other lust traits can mark the territory by peeing in a place according to the power of the cat.

Do not want to eat

When in heat the cat prefers not to eat. This should not happen because it can make the cat fall sick.


When in the heat the cat does not get close to the door. Because cats can run away from home. Cats that run away find partners and complete their mating period. They will return after being satisfied with what the cat wants. So for those of you who love cats, try not to bring cats near the door.