Elephant’s favorite food

Elephant’s favorite food

Elephants like a lot of food. Elephants are large animals that have very good thinking abilities. The large body shape makes the elephant have an extraordinary appetite. The food that elephants consume can reach up to two hundred kilograms per day.

Elephant type of animal that eats more. For eighteen hours per day working only eat. Despite their large stature, elephants are herbivorous animals. Foods that elephants can eat include fruit, tree bark, banana stems, roots, fruits, grass, small plants, and much more.

Drink a lot

Of all the foods elephants eat, the food they eat most often is tree bark. Of course, you are curious, aren’t you how to take tree bark? For elephants everything is easy. Only using elephant ivory can tear the tree bark and eat it. Zlatnido

Elephants need more water than other animals. On a normal day, the elephant will drink as much as seventy to one hundred liters of water per day. But if the weather is hot the elephant will drink as much as one hundred and fifty liters of water. Elephants that have grown up will certainly need more water. An adult male elephant will fill his mouth with as much as two hundred liters of water in just five minutes.

Strong proboscis

In addition to fruit and some plants, it turns out that elephants also really need salt and minerals. To get it, elephants have to dig up the soil and absorb the nutrients in the soil. Of course, elephants that live in the wild will be different from elephants that are cared for and taken to zoos.

consume a lot of food//enjoy

Their diet will be much more vegetables, fruits, hay, sugar cane, and much more. for those of you who have seen elephants, of course, you are not confused about how elephants eat. A large body, of course, cannot stand for long, so the elephant only uses its trunk to get food.
The trunk that can lift weights can actually be used for many things. Can take food and drink