Elephant Uniqueness

Elephant Uniqueness

Elephants, which have many types and origins, have several uniqueness and features. Elephants are large and heavy. You can only see them in safari parks or zoos. That’s why many people want elephants. Not in living form but to collect elephant ivory. to have ivory can be through trade. Even though the shape is big, the interest of people to conquer elephants is very large. The following is the uniqueness of the elephant


Rarely do people know the age of elephants during their lifetime. It turns out that the age of elephants can reach 70 years. With the age of an elephant that can be as long as that, of course, it is able to entertain its master in its lifetime. Zlatnido

Elephant Food

Because the elephant’s body is very large, it is not surprising that the food it eats is very much. The food requirement that must be provided for elephants is 200 kg per day. Just one day is too much. How about a herd of elephants that has more than one?

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Elephant life

Elephants that have large bodies are often underestimated by people, but in fact, the elephant’s ability to manage life needs to be given a thumbs up. Because elephants are able to walk without drinking, it is not a problem for the next 3 days. The elephant, which is famous for drinking a lot of water, is of course able to survive if there is no drink. So don’t be surprised why elephants like to play in the water and soak long enough so that their bodies don’t dry out in the hot sun.


What you know is that the elephant’s trunk is a life that belongs to the elephant, but the trunk is not just an elephant’s trunk. The absence of an elephant’s trunk will cause the elephant to be injured immediately and will likely cause the elephant to die quickly. An elephant’s trunk can also make a person or other animal crushed under pressure. Even though the trunk looks boneless, the muscles that an elephant’s trunk has are capable of destroying everything.


Elephants who have hearing are able to hear human conversations. Because elephants are able to hear calls that are up to 1 kilometer more. This hearing advantage is rarely owned by other animals.