Dangerous food for cats

Dangerous food for cats

Dangerous food for cats can make them injured and die quickly. Cats are funny and cute animals. Every behavior can hypnotize us and become awkward. In order for them to grow healthily, of course, they have to prepare various types of healthy cat food.

Almost all cats when they see someone carrying food will follow. They are persistent cats and never give up. Whatever type of food you eat and prepare, they will immediately be greeted with happiness. As a good cat owner, of course, you have to pay attention to the health condition of the cats.

Do not give human food

Lack of vigilance and thoroughness can make you lose your beloved cat. To be able to take care of your cats, you can start by preparing a type of food for cats. Learn which foods cannot be consumed by cats. Did you know that human food should not be given to cats? Zlatnido

Food that can be delicious for you but toxic for cats. There are several types of food that cats should not actually consume, namely:

Using onions

Cooking using onions is very good for the human body. But for cats, this can make them anemic. The red blood cells of the cats get damaged and the body’s condition decreases. So you don’t give the cats any food that contains onions.


Milk is one intake to strengthen bones. This is very good for those of you who like to drink milk. In contrast, cats can make them get diarrhea and obesity.

check cat food
good for humans poison for cats//check cat food

There are several fruits that cats are not allowed to consume, namely grapes and raisins. Fruit can make cats get kidney failure.


The most delicious and delicious food can turn out to be poison for cats. There are several dangerous ingredients in chocolate that can make cats vomit, have diarrhea, have heart failure, and lead to death.

Eggs, fish, and meat

If you want to give a cat good food, it’s best to give it cooked. Don’t give cats food in a raw state. It can make the bacteria in eggs, fish and raw meat lock the function of absorbing B vitamins. It can make cats suffer from skin diseases and damage the absorption of B vitamins.


Processing foods that you should avoid are the liver. Any type of liver must be avoided because it can make your beloved cat exposed to poison from vitamin A. Apart from toxins from vitamin A, there are also conditions that make cats unable to walk or osteoporosis.

Don’t let your cats eat the cookie dough. Cake dough is the process of making cakes that are still raw and unfinished. If it gets eaten by a cat, it can experience development in the cat’s stomach. As a result, you have to take your cat to the hospital for stomach surgery.

Tuna fish
You could say the favorite food for cats. It’s just that tuna is also not good for cat health. Can cause mercury poisoning in cats.

It’s not just people with stomach ulcers who should avoid coffee. Cats shouldn’t drink coffee either. Drinks that can make cats convulse have difficulty breathing, and much more.