Chickens And Birds For Flying Problems

Chickens And Birds For Flying Problems

Chickens and Birds are included in poultry animals. Animals are still classified into 1 big family. But why can’t chickens fly like birds do? You need to know that what makes birds fly is that they have wider wings and not big muscles a bird that has too big muscles will not be able to fly. Chickens And Birds For Flying Problems

Even chickens can actually fly but not as long as birds and can’t be as far from birds. Chickens also have wings and can fly. It’s just that you can’t fly like a bird. As you can see, chickens have a large body shape so they can only fly at close range.

Made delicious food

It’s rare to see chickens that can fly because only partridges can have this ability. For the type of chicken itself, there are various types so that the chicken is used as it should be. If the raised chickens can fly, but because humans prefer meat and eggs, the chickens are not shown to fly. Livestock chickens are only suitable to be raised and fattened so that they have quality meat. Zlatnido

In contrast to birds that can fly freely. There are even birds that have big bodies but why can they fly? Yes, there are some birds that do have large bodies with small wings like hummingbirds. One of the birds that can flap its wings quickly and wide so that it can fly far. In contrast to chickens that cannot flap their wings quickly.

Rapidly flapping wings

If indeed there are chickens that have the ability to flap their wings quickly, the chickens must be prepared to lose a lot of hair on their bodies. It can be said to experience hair loss faster.

Rarely do people feed a lot to birds. Because birds are usually used as decoration. People who can take care of birds will certainly invite them to fly and play.