Catching Cuttlefish

Catching Cuttlefish

You can catch cuttlefish in sea water. Not everyone can consume food like cuttlefish. Due to allergies and haven’t found the tastiest cuttlefish food yet. Catching cuttlefish yourself is certainly not easy, especially if you have enough courage. Cuttlefish can’t really bite, but those of you who are not used to catching cuttlefish will feel amused. For that those of you who want to catch cuttlefish use rubber gloves.

Can catch cuttlefish of course you can eat delicious food. There is nothing wrong if you eat cuttlefish because this one animal has many benefits. This one animal is famous only in the sea, even though this animal can be found in freshwater or in brackish water. Zlatnido

Characteristics of Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish are often equated with squid. Though both have different forms. If you pay attention, cuttlefish have a flat body, while squid has a cylindrical shape. Cuttlefish have a round body with circles all over the body. The back of the cuttlefish is actually hard and the meat has an oval frame, where there is a white color of lime.

live in the sea
live in the sea//different from squid

For various kinds of cuttlefish colors such as brown or yellow. The color of the cuttlefish itself, there are colors depending on its habitat. If it is under the mud it will be gray in color. Meanwhile, the size of cuttlefish varies from 20 to 35 cm.