Bringing Pets Onboard an Airplane

Bringing Pets Onboard an Airplane

Buying pets anywhere certainly won’t be a problem. But the problem is taking it by plane. It is known that airplanes usually carry humans. But if you bring pets, at least you have made sure in advance what animals and what the rules are. Bringing Pets Onboard an Airplane

boarding a plane
pay for a special place for animals//boarding a plane

Animals are quite vulnerable because they cannot be free in an airplane. People on airplanes are afraid of being disturbed because of that the animals must later be put in crates or containers. Some of the requirements for bringing pets on an airplane are: Zlatnido

  1. Check into one of the pieces of baggage, at least 1 hour before departure.
  2. Travel time on the flight is only 2 hours. So no transit
  3. Animals that may only be brought are rare animals.
  4. Animals that will be brought on board must use a container or have been put in a crate. But the minimum weight allowed is a maximum of 30 kg which is included in the weight of the crate.
    Pets must be taken care of to eat, drink, or whatever it is.

No wonder the price of boarding a plane is very expensive. With the additional space for pets, the plane had to provide another empty space. Not all pets can be brought into a passenger plane. If the number of pets is more than one, they are usually placed in a special box in the trunk.