Birds that live in winter

Birds that live in winter

god is just because he created living things not only in cool and tropical climates. But there are also animals that have been created that will live easily even in winter. God’s power no one can match.

You must know that winter is not just a season where it will snow. But in winter, not all animals, including humans, can stand the cold. Living in the winter requires lots of coats and a house with a chimney. But this time there are birds that can live in winter like

-Ruddy Turnstone

birds such as ruddy turnstone have a color that is almost similar to steller’s eider. This little bird is given advantages and uniqueness, so it’s no wonder that this animal is always moving from place to place. Zlatnido

likes to move around//funny
  • Yellow-billed loon
    Birds that can swim in cold water are called loons. This bird is quite unique but is now almost said to be endangered.
  • Stone ptarmigan
    This ptarmigan bird is able to change the color of its fur like stone or the color of snow as it wishes. He does this because he wants to get away from predators.
  • Snow Bunting
    the name of the snow-pregnant bird is not the name of a pregnant bird. But the word pregnant in English is a small bird that has a short but wide beak. For its own scientific name, this bird has the name Plectrophenaz Nivalis. The color of this bird can change according to the season. If in winter the color of the fur is paler, for the upper part it has a black color. But in summer it has a gray-black color.
  • Owl
    Where it snows a lot there are also owls. It’s not only summer that has owls but also winter ones. For the snow owl will prey on food during the day.