How to train a dog

How to train a dog

How to train a dog requires a lot of patience. Many say that dogs are the most loyal friends. This can be proven by some of the behavior of dogs who always try to protect their masters. Their cute and adorable behavior makes us unable to look away from them.

In addition to caring for dogs, we also have to teach a word or command to the dog. This is done so that when they are given an order they can run it immediately. It’s just that to command your dog you also have to teach him patiently. Train a dog we can not just train it.

If the Akita’s way to train is wrong, even the dog will respond wrongly.

So to be able to teach dogs we must know the steps in teaching dogs such as;

train patiently//Tos
  • Sit down – Zlatnido
    When you want to train your dog, try baiting them with dog food or dog treats. How to point the treat to the dog’s nose. Let them kiss for a moment. Move the hand holding the treat over the dog’s head. Automatically the dog will immediately follow your hand movements and immediately sit on the floor.
    Seeing the dog is already sitting then say sit or sit. After that, you just give the dog snacks while saying and stroking the dog. After that do the exercise repeatedly so that they memorize the words. Don’t give a lot of snacks.
  • High five/ Tos
    To get a high five from your dog, you can ask him to do a task. If the task given is successful, you can say high fives while raising your hands up. Or it could be by filling your palms with dog snacks. Then hold the snack while pointing to the dog’s nose. They will automatically raise their hand. That’s when you just say high fives. If you manage to do a high five, you can immediately give the snack to the dog. Do it repeatedly so that the dog memorized.
  • Lie down
    A decent exercise is said to be more difficult than other Exercises. To make the dog lie down, you can prepare snacks in your hands. Then bring it close to the dog’s nose. Let the smell of the snacks smell first. After that, lower the hand grip towards the floor and the dog will immediately go down. When coming down say lie down, and while giving snacks. Do this several times. But when the dog suddenly tries to sit up and jumps you can say no.