How to Bath a Dog

How to Bath a Dog

Pet dogs will be better bathed because later they will be with their masters every day passing by. A bathed dog is not only good for the residents of the house but also good for the dog itself.

The benefit of bathing for dogs, of course, is to maintain the health of their fur and skin. With a clean bath, the dog will be free from dirt. And of course, a clean dog will make you comfortable if he is on your bed or wants to hug you.

Steps to Bathing a Dog

Here are the steps for bathing a dog – Zlatnido

Bath time

How long do you bathe your dog? This question is often asked by many people, including someone who often takes care of dogs. Dog bath time actually should be regular but back again with the fur. When viewed globally, most dog hair is normal so it needs to be bathed once a month. If you want your dog to be cleaner then you can bathe it once a week. Or you can follow the doctor’s advice because some dogs have oily hair and other types of fur.


Dog baths are anywhere as long as they are clean. If the dog you have is still small you can bathe in the sink or you can spray it with a pipe. There is nothing wrong if you use a portable bathtub to bathe the dog. Because actually, dogs don’t like being sprayed with a pipe directly on their bodies.

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bristle brush

Dogs have a lot of hair for that you have to brush the fur but slowly. Make sure when brushing that the bristles do not get into the ears. Make sure when brushing you use a special shampoo so as not to damage the hair.

Take a warm shower

Dog skin is of course different from human skin. Make sure the water provided is not too hot so that the dog’s skin does not hurt and damage.

Sing and talk

If you talk to the dog or sing in the bath, the dog will appear calm. Talking will make the dog’s mind not be afraid anymore when he hears the word bath.


Rinse the soap that is on the dog until clean and make sure not to touch the water directly on the ears or eyes or sensitive areas. Make sure to rinse repeatedly and you don’t see any soap at all.

Dry the dog’s hair or fur with a towel first. If it is not too wet then you can use a heater (hair dryer). make sure not to overheat their skin while they are drying so as not to cause itching.

  1. Give compliments
    When finished bathing the dog, don’t forget to give a sign of love and great praise for being about to take a bath and smell good.