Cat Flu is not cured

Cat Flu is not cured

It’s not only humans who can feel the flu or even get sick. Cats can feel it too. A cat that is feeling the flu if it is not treated will not recover. Flu in cats certainly has a cause, namely because of bacteria.

The bacteria that exist in cats not only cause flu but can cause coughing. There are other types of bacteria that can make cats feel other illnesses such as fever, sore throat, and others. The pain experienced by cats is the same as humans, those of you who feel this type of pain must be uneasy.

How to treat

Zlatnido – Cats who feel sick with the flu or fever for months are certainly not ordinary sick and do not need ordinary treatment. People who are sick, if they have been for months, must be handled by an expert, especially since this is a cat that cannot be known what causes it. The right way to treat sick cats

Vaccines are one way to treat illness. But the vaccine is given before the cat gets sick. Vaccines are only a protector so you don’t get sick easily.

clean the nostrils//taking care of cats
  1. Food intake
    because cats still like to walk even when they are sick, what we need to change is their food intake. By providing a different intake than the others, the cat can recover quickly. Give food that is easy to swallow and has a strong aroma. Because the flu in cats is usually accompanied by a sore throat.
  2. Residence
    if your pet cat is usually combined with humans or other cats, then you need to move it to a special room. A special room not only separates other cats but also makes cats less stressed.

Caring for a cat with a cold

Caring for a cat with a cold

Caring for a cat with the flu requires extra attention at all times. Many people don’t think that sweet and cute animal can catch colds and viruses. Hearing that they have a disease, you can immediately take several actions, such as: bringing the cat to the vet immediately or immediately doing some treatment yourself.

It’s not just humans who are sick and are treated right away. It turns out that even a sick cat must be treated immediately. Caring for cats may not be as easy as caring for people. For those of you who keep more than one cat, you have to pay attention to all of its conditions. Check which cats have the flu and separate them immediately.

It’s not just human flu that can be transmitted. Cat flu can be transmitted to fellow cats. For treatment, you can start from:

  • Prepare a clean cloth with a smooth texture Zlatnido
  • You can use a clean, soft cloth to clean the dirt from the cat’s eyes and nose.
  • Prepare food and drink
  • During illness, of course, cats have a smell that starts to not be sharp. This is what makes cats sometimes not want to eat. The decreased appetite and drinking make the cat sicker. Then you can prepare warm food and warm drinks for sick cats. Although the cat is still in a state of pain. You have to keep feeding the cats. In order to get back the energy to heal.

Give a warm room

always clean the cat’s nostrils//given action

Cats who are sick with the flu usually often play in cold weather. In order to recover quickly and the flu will disappear, you prepare a warm cat bed. Warm air can keep cats from getting cold and keep them warm.

The last step
If of all the treatments you do, of course, don’t forget to take your cat to the vet. The doctor will check the health of the cats and give them medicine. An antibiotic that can make cats recover faster and is able to kill viruses.

Before you become dehydrated, you can start taking action by giving your cat a drink. Can’t go home and stay in the cat care room.