Animals that can be cared for at home

Animals that can be cared for at home

Animals that can be cared for at home are many and varied. Of course, for those of you who feel lonely and need friends, you can keep sweet and obedient animals. His cute and charming behavior is able to entertain us in every way. Many think that pets are troublesome.

When you say it’s troublesome, it’s not. We are only good at teaching him. Be patient with it while teaching the main things. The ones most often directed to pets are the place to defecate and urinate. Their instincts are different from humans, so they need extra patience.

There are many animals that can be kept such as:

Dog – Zlatnido
Animals that are very loyal to their masters. Can help keep the house as well as a playmate. Loud barking can help ward off thieves. There are also many types of dogs that you want to keep from mini poms, huskies, golden dogs, Ciwawa, and many more.


A Sweet cat that has a high cuteness. They will release various types of styles to be able to get caress and affection from their masters. Cats are not the complicated type. They are mostly silent and don’t say much. The types of cats that you can keep are very diverse, such as Angora, Persian, and many more.

many kinds of animals//sweet


Who has watched the Hamtaro Card movie? A card film that tells the story of a hamster with his friends. This small and cute animal can be said to be the same as a mouse. But different shape. Rats have a rather large body size plus the fur is only reddish black. But hamsters only have a small size with colors – colors. Their lives live in drums filled with wood shavings.

Siamese fighting fish

Betta fish or fighting fish. Taking care of it is not difficult. Just pay attention to the water and also the diet. Betta fish have many kinds of colors with different tail models.


Turtles are types of animals that can live on land and in water. To be able to take care of it, choose a type of turtle that does not enter protected animals. To take care of them we have to pay extra attention to the water.