Chickens And Birds For Flying Problems

Chickens And Birds For Flying Problems

Chickens and Birds are included in poultry animals. Animals are still classified into 1 big family. But why can’t chickens fly like birds do? You need to know that what makes birds fly is that they have wider wings and not big muscles a bird that has too big muscles will not be able to fly. Chickens And Birds For Flying Problems

Even chickens can actually fly but not as long as birds and can’t be as far from birds. Chickens also have wings and can fly. It’s just that you can’t fly like a bird. As you can see, chickens have a large body shape so they can only fly at close range.

Made delicious food

It’s rare to see chickens that can fly because only partridges can have this ability. For the type of chicken itself, there are various types so that the chicken is used as it should be. If the raised chickens can fly, but because humans prefer meat and eggs, the chickens are not shown to fly. Livestock chickens are only suitable to be raised and fattened so that they have quality meat. Zlatnido

In contrast to birds that can fly freely. There are even birds that have big bodies but why can they fly? Yes, there are some birds that do have large bodies with small wings like hummingbirds. One of the birds that can flap its wings quickly and wide so that it can fly far. In contrast to chickens that cannot flap their wings quickly.

Rapidly flapping wings

If indeed there are chickens that have the ability to flap their wings quickly, the chickens must be prepared to lose a lot of hair on their bodies. It can be said to experience hair loss faster.

Rarely do people feed a lot to birds. Because birds are usually used as decoration. People who can take care of birds will certainly invite them to fly and play.

How to Take Care of Pets

How to Take Care of Pets

Caring for any animal is certainly not difficult because you can treat it like a child or sibling. Pets, of course, have a heart too. If you take good care of them, the animals will naturally love you. Having a pet, let’s say that you have a friend who will accompany you for a very long time because a pet will always accompany you in ups and downs. Animals are one of the most sincere animals than humans.

Want to have a pet you have to do the best care of them

always pay attention to the environment//funny
  1. Treatment Costs
    you must have maintenance costs if you want to maintain. You can set aside the cost of treatment for the doctor. Usually going to the doctor has special care and a schedule, because doctors understand more about the ins and outs of your animal’s grief. Zlatnido
  2. Food
    the food you want to give to your pet, of course, you have to choose the right one. Because not all food will be suitable for your animal. If the food is not suitable for animals, don’t choose again because the food cannot be tolerated. The wrong choice of food not only gives effect colds but can cause death.
  3. Caution
    what attention means is inviting you to play, have fun, and do anything with your animal. The more you give a lot of attention, your pet will be smarter than any animal. Not only giving attention through playing but giving attention through feeding, bathing, and others. Clean your animals like you are like humans. Because clean animals will be safe if they live with you.

Birds that live in winter

Birds that live in winter

god is just because he created living things not only in cool and tropical climates. But there are also animals that have been created that will live easily even in winter. God’s power no one can match.

You must know that winter is not just a season where it will snow. But in winter, not all animals, including humans, can stand the cold. Living in the winter requires lots of coats and a house with a chimney. But this time there are birds that can live in winter like

-Ruddy Turnstone

birds such as ruddy turnstone have a color that is almost similar to steller’s eider. This little bird is given advantages and uniqueness, so it’s no wonder that this animal is always moving from place to place. Zlatnido

likes to move around//funny
  • Yellow-billed loon
    Birds that can swim in cold water are called loons. This bird is quite unique but is now almost said to be endangered.
  • Stone ptarmigan
    This ptarmigan bird is able to change the color of its fur like stone or the color of snow as it wishes. He does this because he wants to get away from predators.
  • Snow Bunting
    the name of the snow-pregnant bird is not the name of a pregnant bird. But the word pregnant in English is a small bird that has a short but wide beak. For its own scientific name, this bird has the name Plectrophenaz Nivalis. The color of this bird can change according to the season. If in winter the color of the fur is paler, for the upper part it has a black color. But in summer it has a gray-black color.
  • Owl
    Where it snows a lot there are also owls. It’s not only summer that has owls but also winter ones. For the snow owl will prey on food during the day.

How to Train a Cat to be more obedient

How to Train a Cat to be more obedient

Cats are the second most popular pet after dogs. Cats are also smart pets. Usually, many people say dogs are smarter than any animal but cats can prove it. A cat can become smarter if taught correctly, here’s how How to Train a Cat to be more obedient


Cats are like children who need to be talked to. If the cat is often talked to then the cat will understand better. Usually, cats are often talked to will better understand the intentions of their master. You set your tone when you are angry or give a warning. If you’re being able to also adjust the tone of speech.


Give credit to the cat if it succeeds in going through each process of smart learning. Give him his favorite food if he is smart to do his job. Zlatnido


take the cat to play as often as possible. Cats or anyone, of course, are happy when they are often played with. Providing hours of play will make the cat feel cared for. So those of you who have taught the cat correctly will make a schedule for the cat to play.

always spoken to//feed

You can train cats in the way you want to be treated. People who like to play with cats will of course make cats more comfortable. Animals like cats are also able to recognize their masters.

Siberian tiger

Siberian tiger

The Siberian tiger is a tiger that is so famous that it lives in cold areas. Usually, you can find this one tiger not only in China but in Russia or even Korea there are big cats too. This one tiger has counted less than 500 tigers. The depletion makes it likely that this tiger will be endangered. It’s no wonder why there are so few Siberiantigers because this tiger was always hunted. The Siberiantiger in Russia is of course guarded and protected. Zlatnido


Accepts food up to 9kg each day. But a tiger that has a large body, of course, has to eat approximately 45kg. Usually, rabbits, fish, or mice are preyed upon, but if there is a small bear, it will surely be prey too.

It has cute colors and shapes//sharp

striped facts

Siberiantigers have facts that are rarely known by many people
Habitat, The natural habitat of the Siberiantiger is in China and Russia.

  1. Size, the actual size of the Siberiantiger is 3.3 meters, and weighs 300kg.
  2. Hobbies, not only humans have hobbies but also tigers. The hobby of the Siberiantiger is swimming. Even though its body is big, this tiger is still agile in its swimming action.
  3. The Siberian tiger has the same striped color

Peliharaan pembawa hoki

Peliharaan pembawa hoki

Banyak orang bilang ingin mendapatkan banyak hoki bisa dengan melakukan perbuatan baik dan amal. Ternyata ada pula istilah lain selain berbuat baik seperti memelihara binatang. Banyak orang yang memelihara tidak tahu kalau mereka bisa mendapatkan banyak keberuntungan tanpa di sangka dan di duga. Istilah peliharaan pembawa hoki menjadi sebuah tantangan tersendiri untuk banyak orang.

Hal tersebut sebenarnya bisa kembali lagi dari diri kalian sendiri. Ada banyak mitos yang mengatakan kalau hewan – hewan yang kalian pelihara bisa memberi banyak rejeki. Tidak heran beberapa orang ingin sekali mencoba memelihara Binatang di rumah untuk di sayang dan juga membantu menjaga rumah pula.

Pastinya kalian ingin tahukan Binatang apa saja yang memberi banyak keberuntungan untuk kalian.

  • Ikan koi

Zlatnido – Menjadi salah satu jenis peliharaan yang paling populer dan sering di cari banyak orang. Ada yang berkata kalau ikan koi bisa memberi banyak rejeki dan keberuntungan yang berlimpah. Meski hanya tanggapan belaka tapi tahukah kalian kalau ikan koi sendiri ternyata memiliki banyak jenis. Setiap jenisnya ternyata memiliki harga yang sangat tinggi luar biasa. Untuk kalian yang ternak koi pasti panen banyak.

  • Ayam Jago

Siapa yang akan sangka kalau ayam jago ternyata bisa memberi banyak rejeki kepada orang yang memelihara. Ada pula yang berkata kalau suara ayam keras bisa menghadirkan rejeki yang berlimpah.

Kura – Kura

Hewan yang terkenal akan umurnya yang panjang. Sebuah mitos di berbagai negara mengatakan kalau kura – kura bisa memberi banyak keberuntungan. Meski terdengar hanya cerita tetapi banyak orang yang percaya dan memelihara kura – kura.

  • Kucing
memberi banyak rejeki//imut

Bila kalian pergi berlibur ke jepang pasti kalian bertemu dengan beberapa toko yang memajang boneka kucing yang bergoyang. Ada yang berkata kalau kucing yang mengerakkan tangannya merupakan kucing yang menarik pelanggan untuk membeli. Meski demikian kalian juga bisa memelihara kucing yang manis dan imut. Kucing yang bisa membuat kalian beruntung dan hoki sepanjang hari.

Rubah Arktik

Rubah Arktik

Rubah Arktik ini merupakan salah satu rubah di kutub berwarna putih. Banyak yang pernah melihat rubah satu ini tetapi jarang ada yang mengetahuinya. Ya benar rubah putih berada di kutub ini adalah arktik. Meski memiliki tubuh kecil tetapi dia cukup Tangguh. Berikut ini fakta – fakta yang belum kalian ketahui:

  • Tubuh tidak mudah dingin meski suhu berada di bawah 50 derajat.
  • Warna bulu tidak hanya 1 yaitu putih. Tetapi saat musim panas bulu menjadi gelap kecokelatan.
  • Jika berada di daerah pesisir bulu berwarna gelap.
  • Bau bangkai yang berada di kejauhan sampai dengan 40 meter, rubah ini mampu menemukannya.
  • Dapat menemukan mangsa di bawah salju dengan kedalaman sampai 70 meter.
  • Mampu melahirkan kurang lebih 25 anak rubah.
  • Rubah hanya akan melakukan reproduksi saat stok makanan melimpah.
  • Bisa hidup sampai lama tergantung tempatnya. Jika berada di alam liar sampai 6 tahun tetapi di penangkaran sampai dengan 10 tahunan. Zlatnido
  • Hidupnya di lereng bukit. Jika sudah menemukan tempat tinggal dia mampu membuat seribu pintu.
tidak melakukan reproduksi saat tidak ada makanan//lucu dan putih

Makanan kesukaan

Makanan rubah arktik ialah anjing laut, lemming, ikan, burung laut atau bahkan vole. Tetapi jika tidak ada hewan kecil maka rubah ini bisa memakan rumput laut atau beri. Uniknya rubah satu ini jika sedang merasa stok makanan menipis dia tidak akan reproduksi. Rubah ini memiliki pikiran yang cukup Panjang untuk masa depan anak dan dirinya. 

Ikan Cucut

Ikan Cucut

Ikan cucut memiliki bentuk badan kecil lalu mulutnya lancip. Biasanya mudah sekali di temukan di daerah pekalongan. Sekilas memang seperti hiu. Mencari ikan cucut sangat mudah karena di perairan indonesia banyak sekali. Sehingga tidak heran jika banyak orang menjadikannya bahan makanan. Menangkap ikan bukan hanya daging nya saja yang bisa di konsumsi tetapi kulit, daging, maupun organnya bisa di manfaatkan.

Ikan kecil ini meski memiliki tubuh kecil tetapi kemampuan hidupnya sampai 50 tahun. Jenis ikan hiu ini bisa di katakan sebagai ikan jenis pemakan segala, bukan hanya pemakan daging saja. Zlatnido


Meski mudah sekali ditemukan pada perairan indonesia tetapi milk shark ini pernah di temukan pada sungai kamboja. Bukan hanya 1 jenis saja tetapi sampai beberapa jenis. Hampir di seluruh dunia memiliki ratusan jenis ikan cucut, tetapi jika hanya di hitung sekitar indonesia saja hanya ada beberapa jenis yang tersedia.

harga sangatlah mahal//Sangat Panjang


ikan cucut bisa di katakan merupakan ikan yang memiliki banyak manfaat. Semua di bagian tubuh milk shark sangat memiliki nilai yang tinggi. Apa saja yang bisa di manfaatkan

  1. Daging
    Sudah pasti daging begitu enak sekali. Apalagi di beri sambal pada baluran dagingnya. Untuk mendapatkan daging yang enak hal yang perlu anda lakukan ialah melakukan perendaman asam pada daging.

    2. Kulit
    Siapa sangka bisa di jadikan bahan pembuatan sepatu, tas atau dompet. Tidak heran kenapa kulit begitu mahal apabila di jual. Jika anda bisa mengambil kulit ikan serta sirip bersamaan maka akan di jadikan aksesoris wanita yang cantik.

    3. Sirip
    pada sirip ikan cucut terdapat banyak gelatin. Memperoleh sirip yang bagus akan memberikan nilai tinggi saat akan di jual. Biasanya sirip akan di jual dari indonesia ke malaysia, hongkong dan bahkan ke singapura.



Kangguru merupakan hewan yang memiliki kaki begitu unik sekali. Hewan ini terkenal dari australia dan Papua Nugini. Kanguru bukan hanya 1 jenis saja tetapi ada beberapa yaitu  Walabi, Kanguru Pohon,  Wallaroo. Setiap jenis kangguru tentu saja memiliki ukuran dan berat yang berbeda beda.

Binatang yang lucu dan unik ini memang memiliki ukuran kaki yang besar dan pastinya kuat. Bisa di lihat jika dia membawa anaknya dalam melakukan perjalanan. Tak hanya memiliki kaki yang kuat saja tetapi juga memiliki kelebihan seperti gigi yang kuat. Jika ingin mengambil rumput hanya membutuhkan gigi saja untuk memotong rumput.

Daging lezat

Zlatnido – Kangguru sering sekali di buru oleh orang – orang untuk di ambil dagingnya. Sedangkan kulit bisa untuk melindungi lahan penggembala. Dagingnya yang segar terkenal dengan memiliki rendah lemak. Banyak yang memakan dagingnya karena mencegah obesitas serta diabetes. Tidak heran jika dalam 1 tahun 4x pasti ada daging yang selalu di buru dan di santap.

dagingnya yang lezat//lucu

Daging kangguru bukan hanya di makan oleh orang australia saja tetapi di jual kenegara lain seperti Jerman, inggris dan perancis. Untuk itu saat ini ada kangguru yang sudah di pelihara dan di jual belikan. Tetapi untuk para pemula jika tidak bisa melakukannya dan belum memiliki modal agak sulit menjualnya. Karena saat ini banyak daging yang masih di jual bebas dengan harga yang sangat murah. 

Animals in Russia

Animals in Russia

Animals in Russia are very strong and ferocious. Almost everyone knows that Russia has several types of animals that are strong and can live in winter. Even though it is in a cold zone, Russia still has a diverse climate. There are many variations of animals in Russia. Of course, you are not curious about which animals live in Russia. Animals that you will never find in any country, namely:


The bear in Russia is brown. The fur from tawny or red to brown is a ferocious bear. Zlatnido

large animal//many kinds
  1. Deer
    to find deer in Russia you have to go to the Taymyr peninsula. Deers in Russia have large sizes.
  2. Eurasian lynx
    The Eurasian Lynx has a cat-like shape that is quite large and clean white in color. To find this animal you can see it around Kamchatka and Sakhalin. Lynx is a large predatory animal apart from bears or wolves.
  3. Tiger
    in Russia, the tiger is known as the Siberian tiger in the birch forest. This tiger is of course an animal that is protected and is one of the largest animals.
  4. Desman
    Rarely anyone knows this one animal. Desman is said to be the longest-living animal on earth. The shape of the desman is like a rat and in fact, his vision is limited. Desman is a unique animal because it can live in water or on land.