Female cat in heat

Female cat in heat

A female cat who is in heat sometimes makes all the residents of the house uneasy. Maintaining a cute and cute cat will certainly be very fun. Seeing their ridiculous behavior can make you happy and the stress disappears. But what power if the cat you care for turns out to be a female cat?

Female cats, like humans, generally have fertile periods and menstrual periods. Even adult female cats will find ways to safely pass their heat. If you don’t neuter female cats then they will continue to have an endless mating period.

Changed behavior

Zlatnido – Female cats that are ready to be mated are usually six to ten months old. The fertile period for active and agile cats. Most owners don’t know that a cat’s lust period can reach quite a long time. This is what sometimes often sees the behavior of cats starting to be different from before.

For those of you who keep a female cat, of course, you need to know the nature of a cat that is starting to lust. Here’s the behavior you should be aware of:


The nature of a female cat who starts to want to lust usually starts to be spoiled. Rubbing – Rubbing the body to some objects while turning his back. Of course, ordinary people will feel confused. Not only objects, but you can also become victims of a cat rubbing. When rubbing the cat will lift its tail to carry out the mating process.

check the health of the cat//sweet

Excessive bathing

Did you know that when a cat licks itself excessively, this indicates that the cat has started asking to be married? There are some people who say that a cat that shows excessive licking may have urinary tract disorders. You can try to take it to the doctor immediately to have it checked.


A cat that continues to meow non-stop is indicating that it is calling its partner for intercourse. A call that continues on continues until it gets a partner.

Mating position

The general public, of course, they have seen the position of mating cats. When the cat is mating, the female is always below and the male is above. The female’s head is down, the front legs are bent as if they want to lie down, and the back is raised so that it can enter easily, don’t forget to also lift the tail and place it beside the cat’s body. Sometimes you also often see male cats that are mating and biting the head of a female cat.


Other lust traits can mark the territory by peeing in a place according to the power of the cat.

Do not want to eat

When in heat the cat prefers not to eat. This should not happen because it can make the cat fall sick.


When in the heat the cat does not get close to the door. Because cats can run away from home. Cats that run away find partners and complete their mating period. They will return after being satisfied with what the cat wants. So for those of you who love cats, try not to bring cats near the door.

Dangerous food for cats

Dangerous food for cats

Dangerous food for cats can make them injured and die quickly. Cats are funny and cute animals. Every behavior can hypnotize us and become awkward. In order for them to grow healthily, of course, they have to prepare various types of healthy cat food.

Almost all cats when they see someone carrying food will follow. They are persistent cats and never give up. Whatever type of food you eat and prepare, they will immediately be greeted with happiness. As a good cat owner, of course, you have to pay attention to the health condition of the cats.

Do not give human food

Lack of vigilance and thoroughness can make you lose your beloved cat. To be able to take care of your cats, you can start by preparing a type of food for cats. Learn which foods cannot be consumed by cats. Did you know that human food should not be given to cats? Zlatnido

Food that can be delicious for you but toxic for cats. There are several types of food that cats should not actually consume, namely:

Using onions

Cooking using onions is very good for the human body. But for cats, this can make them anemic. The red blood cells of the cats get damaged and the body’s condition decreases. So you don’t give the cats any food that contains onions.


Milk is one intake to strengthen bones. This is very good for those of you who like to drink milk. In contrast, cats can make them get diarrhea and obesity.

good for humans poison for cats//check cat food

There are several fruits that cats are not allowed to consume, namely grapes and raisins. Fruit can make cats get kidney failure.


The most delicious and delicious food can turn out to be poison for cats. There are several dangerous ingredients in chocolate that can make cats vomit, have diarrhea, have heart failure, and lead to death.

Eggs, fish, and meat

If you want to give a cat good food, it’s best to give it cooked. Don’t give cats food in a raw state. It can make the bacteria in eggs, fish and raw meat lock the function of absorbing B vitamins. It can make cats suffer from skin diseases and damage the absorption of B vitamins.


Processing foods that you should avoid are the liver. Any type of liver must be avoided because it can make your beloved cat exposed to poison from vitamin A. Apart from toxins from vitamin A, there are also conditions that make cats unable to walk or osteoporosis.

Don’t let your cats eat the cookie dough. Cake dough is the process of making cakes that are still raw and unfinished. If it gets eaten by a cat, it can experience development in the cat’s stomach. As a result, you have to take your cat to the hospital for stomach surgery.

Tuna fish
You could say the favorite food for cats. It’s just that tuna is also not good for cat health. Can cause mercury poisoning in cats.

It’s not just people with stomach ulcers who should avoid coffee. Cats shouldn’t drink coffee either. Drinks that can make cats convulse have difficulty breathing, and much more.

Merawat kucing terkena diare

Merawat kucing terkena diare

Merawat kucing terkena diare bisa kalian lakukan pada pertolongan pertama. Banyak yang tidak tahu kalau kucing yang terkena diare bisa ditangani dengan mudah tanpa harus pergi ke dokter hewan. Kalian bisa mulai merawat para kucing dengan beberapa pertolongan yang bisa kalian lakukan dirumah.

Perhatikan Kesehatan kucing kalian secara berkala. Bila kalian menemukan kucing kalian terkena diare dengan kadar ringan bisa mulai merawat di rumah saja. Tetapi bila sakit yang di Alami kucing kalian lebih parah maka segeralah bawa ke dokter hewan. Tak peduli berapa umur kucing yang kalian rawat juga jangan lupa untuk selalu menyediakan air minum.

Rawat dirumah

Zlatnido – Ada banyak jenis penyakit diare yang bisa dialami oleh para kucing. Untuk bisa mengetahui jenis diare kalian bisa mulai mengamati semua Tindakan dan kelakuan kucing kalian saat sakit. Bila sakit diare kucing ringan maka kalian bisa melakukan beberapa perawatan yang ringan di rumah. Nah untuk kalian yang ingin merawat kucing dan ingin kucing cepat sembuh dari diare bisa dengan beberapa Langkah berikut :

  • Makanan

Saat kalian menemukan kucing sakit diare maka segera ganti makanan kucing kalian. Saat mengkonsumsi makanan biasa mungkin kucing menikmatinya. Tapi berbeda saat kucing sedang sakit. Nafsu makan berkurang dan bisa membuat saluran pencernaan tersumbat. Selama sakit jangan memberi kucing sembarang makan. Siapkan makanan yang khusus dan bernutrisi untuk kucing.

  • Serat

Diare sering membuat tubuh kucing jadi lebih lemas dan tidak bisa aktif. Ada beberapa yang berkata kalau kucing yang mengkonsumsi makanan yang bisa dicerna bisa membuat kondisi diare jadi mudah sembuh. Tapi saat kucing kalian tidak mengalami diare tapi mengeluarkan banyak kotoran maka kalian bisa coba menerapkan makanan serat yang bisa di cerna dengan baik oleh kucing.

periksa keadaan kucing//cek kesehatan
  • Menghilangkan dehidrasi

Diare terkadang bisa membuat kondisi tubuh kekurangan cairan. Hal tersebut yang membuat kucing jadi dehidrasi. Jadi kalian harus selalu menyiapkan air yang cukup untuk minum kucing. Minuman yang diberi kaldu ayam atau sapi bisa membuat kucing jadi lupa dengan makanan kaleng untuk sementara.

  • Antidiare

Bila semua nutri sudah kalian siapkan jangan lupa untuk menyiapkan obat antidiare. Obat yang bisa membuat diare tidak datang dan bisa membuat stamina tubuh jadi lebih baik.

Caring for a cat with a cold

Caring for a cat with a cold

Caring for a cat with the flu requires extra attention at all times. Many people don’t think that sweet and cute animal can catch colds and viruses. Hearing that they have a disease, you can immediately take several actions, such as: bringing the cat to the vet immediately or immediately doing some treatment yourself.

It’s not just humans who are sick and are treated right away. It turns out that even a sick cat must be treated immediately. Caring for cats may not be as easy as caring for people. For those of you who keep more than one cat, you have to pay attention to all of its conditions. Check which cats have the flu and separate them immediately.

It’s not just human flu that can be transmitted. Cat flu can be transmitted to fellow cats. For treatment, you can start from:

  • Prepare a clean cloth with a smooth texture Zlatnido
  • You can use a clean, soft cloth to clean the dirt from the cat’s eyes and nose.
  • Prepare food and drink
  • During illness, of course, cats have a smell that starts to not be sharp. This is what makes cats sometimes not want to eat. The decreased appetite and drinking make the cat sicker. Then you can prepare warm food and warm drinks for sick cats. Although the cat is still in a state of pain. You have to keep feeding the cats. In order to get back the energy to heal.

Give a warm room

always clean the cat’s nostrils//given action

Cats who are sick with the flu usually often play in cold weather. In order to recover quickly and the flu will disappear, you prepare a warm cat bed. Warm air can keep cats from getting cold and keep them warm.

The last step
If of all the treatments you do, of course, don’t forget to take your cat to the vet. The doctor will check the health of the cats and give them medicine. An antibiotic that can make cats recover faster and is able to kill viruses.

Before you become dehydrated, you can start taking action by giving your cat a drink. Can’t go home and stay in the cat care room.

Tanda Kucing Mau flu

Tanda Kucing Mau flu

Tanda kucing yang mau flu mungkin agak berbeda dengan manusia. Bukan hanya manusia saja yang bisa flu dan sakit. Kucing ternyata juga bisa sakit dan terkena flu. Siapa yang akan menyangka kalau para kucing yang manis dan lucu bisa terkena flu. Flu salah jenis penyakit yang bisa membuat para kucing mudah sakit dan terserang penyakit.

Bagi kalian yang mempunyai kucing yang terkena flu maka segera pisahkan jangan di satukan dengan kucing yang sehat. Selain flu ternyata kucing bisa terkena jamur aspergillosis dan polip. Sebuah virus yang bisa membuat kucing terkena demam. Tentunya bagi kalian yang memelihara kucing jadi penasaran bukan? seperti apa gejala yang akan di alami oleh para kucing bila terkena flu?

Gejala Kena flu

Gejala pertama yang di alami oleh kucing saat terkena flu yaitu Zlatnido

  • Saat kucing sedang bersin. Jadi saat mendengar kucing bersin – bersin maka kalian bisa langsung membawanya ke dokter hewan untuk minta vitamin dan obat flu untuk kucing.
  • Hidung dan mata kotor

Bila kalian menemukan hidung dan mata kucing yang kotor tanpa sebab maka kalian  harus segera periksa ke dokter hewan. Mata dan hidung yang kotor bisa menandakan kucing terkena virus. Kalian harus memberi beberapa perawatan yang terbaik. Serta jangan lupa tanyakan kepada dokter perawatan terbaik untuk kucing.


beri obat dan membersihkan kotoran//sakit

Gejala lain yang bisa kalian temukan saat kucing terserang flu seperti : pernapasan kucing sesak, nafsu makan berkurang, penciuman jadi berkurang, dan masih banyak lagi. Tentunya menemukan kucing kesayangan terkena virus dan sakit bisa membuat kalian jadi khawatir. Susah tidur dan kepikiran akan Kesehatan kucing kesayangan kalian.

Nah untuk kalian yang mau kucingnya sehat dan cepat sembuh maka kalian bisa melakukan beberapa perawatan sederhana. Siapkan kain atau tissue untuk mengelap kotoran yang ada di hidung dan mata. Pilih kain yang texturenya halus dan lembut saat di gunakan untuk membersihkan kotoran mata dan hidung si kucing. Lakukan setiap waktu agar virus flu bisa cepat hilang dan sembuh.

Cara Ternak Babi

Cara Ternak Babi

Babi adalah hewan ternak yang lucu dan menguntungkan. Bukan asal asalan dalam ternak babi agar memiliki tubuh besar dan sehat. Untuk mendapatkan keuntungan baik dalam ternak babi harus di lakukan dengan baik agar memiliki kualitas terbaik. Memiliki babi yang gemuk bukan hanya untung dalam penjualan tetapi dalam melahirkan beberapa anak babi. 

Untuk anda yang baru saja belajar berternak babi anda harus perhatikan syaratnya sebagai berikut

  1. Tubuh padat dan tegap.
  2. Memiliki kaki kokoh
  3. Tidak ada yang cacat

Zlatnido – Setelah anda melihat 3 syarat tersebut pastikan anda sudah memiliki lahan untuk berternak. Jika anda telah memiliki lahan yang cukup luas maka anda bisa letakkan pada kandang – kandang yang tersedia. Anda yang akan berternak babi memiliki ukuran kandang berbeda jika hanya ingin menggemukkan. Ukuran rata -rata kandang ialah 

– Memiliki tinggi sampai 2 m atau 3 meter

– Ukuran kandang 3×4 meter. 

– Dindingnya pakai tembok atau papan yang kuat

– Atap harus di tutupi agar babi tidak kehujanan atau kepanasan.

siapkan pakan dan minuman sehat//peternakan

Biasanya babi induk dan jantan apabila di letakkan pada kandang selalu terpisah agar mudah sekali membedakannya. Ukuran kandang babi bisa berbeda tergantung babi yang anda pelihara apabila anda berniat sekaligus untuk menggemukkannya maka ukuran kandang bisa saja berbeda. Memelihara babi untuk di jual atau diternakkan usahakan anda memilih babi yang sejenis.

Memelihara babi bukan sekedar membuat kandang, memberi makan dan memberikan minum. Tetapi babi juga ingin di ajak bermain. Apabila babi bosan dia mampu merusak benda apapun disekitarnya. Jika babi yang anda miliki banyak mungkin hal yang bisa anda lakukan ialah mengajak bicara atau memegang kepalanya. 

Bear Food

Bear Food

There are several kinds of bear food. Besides liking sweet food, it turns out that bears also often hunt for their own food. Animals that have large bodies with lots of hair on their bodies really like to catch fish in the water.

Bears are mammals that love to eat meat. This carnivorous mammal has a cute and adorable face. Even so, you have to be careful when getting close to the bear because the bear, which has a large body, will protect itself by clawing. For this reason, when going to hunt bears, many people set traps. Zlatnido


Hunting bears is of course not new because many people have wanted bears for a long time. Bears that are hunted will be traded from samples of their organs, namely bones, canines, and bile. If you meet bears and want to give them food, the following are the foods they want to eat, namely plants or insects. The meat eaten by the bear is the stock of existing supplies. If not there it will eat the surrounding plants.

carnivore-eating animals//great hunter

How long do bears live

Bears have a short life span. However, to ascertain how long a bear lives, it must be known in advance, where the bear came from. The average life span of a bear is up to 25 years.

The most expensive animal in the world

The most expensive animal in the world

The most expensive animal in the world can make you animal lovers think twice about buying it. Many say that raising animals can help you feel comfortable and can become friends. Yes, pets will always be with you and will continue to cheer you up in happy and sad situations.

But to have a pet, of course, you have to choose according to the place and expertise. There are many people who just maintain it without knowing the treatment. Seeing cute animals will certainly make you excited and want to have them. But did you know that in other parts of the world, there are also animals that have quite high prices?

All set

Zlatnido – The price is so expensive to make animal lovers think again to have it or not. Not all animals can be kept by humans. There are some that are protected by the government and are still wild. To be able to raise a Step animal, of course, you are ready with the cost of care and also pay the Step animal ownership tax.

However, people who have a lot of money will not mind it. They will continue to buy and care for beautiful and packaged animals. Such a high score makes you confused. Surely you are curious about which animals have high prices in the world?

The following types of animals are:

certificate//White Lion

Sir Lancelot’s clone dog
Miss Missy cow
Tibetan mastiff dog
White Lion
Arabian horse
Pythons and many more
From the list of animal names, of course, for ordinary people, it’s just normal. But unlike people who like animals, they will immediately know the type of animal and be amazed. Not just one million or two million. but the selling price is very expensive.

The price they give can reach billions. The animals have the best quality and are also direct descendants of the relics of their ancestors.



Reconsider getting the animal you want to care for. Caring for cute and funny animals will certainly make it easy for you to love them and want to spoil them. It’s not just cute that makes people want to care for and raise animals. Some say that taking care of pets can help relieve stress and can make the owner healthy.

Although there are many positive things that you can get, there are still some negative sides that you should pay attention to. At first glance, it is very funny and packaged. Especially if maintaining it will definitely be easy. Many people don’t know that raising animals is not just spoiling animals. Rather have to help feed and clean the place too.

Of course, this is very troublesome at, isn’t it? So for those of you who want to start raising animals, you can start considering a number of things, such as:


If you have a lot of free time, maybe you can invite them to play. Maintaining is not just owning it. You have to spend time playing and pay enough attention to the animals you care for. If you don’t have time to give attention and affection, then give up your intention to raise animals. Zlatnido


Keeping animals is certainly not just raising them. You have to have a fairly large room for the animals you care for. Like dogs who like large areas with several parks that dogs can go. To raise animals, you must first make sure the room is suitable for them.


Raising and caring for animals requires sufficient funds. Buy some of their food needs and equipment to play with your pet. Also, prepare funds to carry out several checks each month.

check all conditions//tiny


Before raising animals, you must first make sure whether there are family members who have animal allergies. If there is then you can not maintain it. Choose a type of pet that doesn’t give an allergic reaction and find information about the type of animal you want to keep.

For busy people, of course, there will be no time to train their favorite animal. For those of you who really want to nurture, you have to teach various types of movements. Training animals will help them easily understand every conversation you say.

Did you know that every animal that touches and leans anywhere will leave a lot of fur? This is what often makes many people have to clean the house every day. So that animal hair does not interfere with breathing around you.

How Long Are Cats Pregnant

How Long Are Cats Pregnant

Many think that pregnant cats are the same as humans for up to 9 months or what is commonly called 40 weeks. In fact, cats only have up to 67 days to 72 days to conceive. Of course, the period of carrying a piglet is not as precise as that of humans, so we cannot determine when a cat will give birth. A cat’s pregnancy is not just 1 child but can reach 6 kittens.

Food For Pregnant Cats

If you keep a pregnant cat, make sure you give more food to the cat. Because in the womb of a cat, there are lots of tiny babies. In a cat’s stomach, there are many children different from humans. If humans only have 1 child but in a cat’s stomach it can reach 5 to 6 kittens. Pay attention to the cat’s food and drink intake if you want to have a healthy cat. Cat food is not just given to pregnant cats. For this reason, the following foods can be given to cats: Zlatnido

Dry cat food such as maxi, fleabite mother, and kitten
Chicken / Beef

Food taboos for cats

Having a pet will certainly make you not feel lonely. The reason is having a pet will make you feel different things. Pets like cats also have dietary restrictions so they don’t get sick and even die easily. Here are food restrictions for cats


It turns out that not only dogs are not allowed to eat chocolate but cats are the same. Chocolate is considered toxic food for cats so it cannot be given. If a cat eats chocolate it will trigger convulsions, diarrhea, and even trigger an increase in body temperature.

avoid toxic foods//contain

Processed products

Processed products that are afraid of cats are milk and cheese. If a cat eats any of the processed products it will cause diarrhea. Milk is good for both kittens and their mothers themselves, but there are dairy products specifically for cats so you don’t need to worry if you see a kitten without a mother.

Dog food

Those of you who have dogs and cats should never compare their food. Because if dog food is given to cats, it will damage the cat’s fur, apart from making the cat’s eyes myopic. Making a cat’s eyesight damaged will certainly be problematic apart from that the cat being given dog food will make it die quickly.