Bear Food

Bear Food

There are several kinds of bear food. Besides liking sweet food, it turns out that bears also often hunt for their own food. Animals that have large bodies with lots of hair on their bodies really like to catch fish in the water.

Bears are mammals that love to eat meat. This carnivorous mammal has a cute and adorable face. Even so, you have to be careful when getting close to the bear because the bear, which has a large body, will protect itself by clawing. For this reason, when going to hunt bears, many people set traps. Zlatnido


Hunting bears is of course not new because many people have wanted bears for a long time. Bears that are hunted will be traded from samples of their organs, namely bones, canines, and bile. If you meet bears and want to give them food, the following are the foods they want to eat, namely plants or insects. The meat eaten by the bear is the stock of existing supplies. If not there it will eat the surrounding plants.

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How long do bears live

Bears have a short life span. However, to ascertain how long a bear lives, it must be known in advance, where the bear came from. The average life span of a bear is up to 25 years.