Bringing Pets Onboard an Airplane

Bringing Pets Onboard an Airplane

Buying pets anywhere certainly won’t be a problem. But the problem is taking it by plane. It is known that airplanes usually carry humans. But if you bring pets, at least you have made sure in advance what animals and what the rules are. Bringing Pets Onboard an Airplane

pay for a special place for animals//boarding a plane

Animals are quite vulnerable because they cannot be free in an airplane. People on airplanes are afraid of being disturbed because of that the animals must later be put in crates or containers. Some of the requirements for bringing pets on an airplane are: Zlatnido

  1. Check into one of the pieces of baggage, at least 1 hour before departure.
  2. Travel time on the flight is only 2 hours. So no transit
  3. Animals that may only be brought are rare animals.
  4. Animals that will be brought on board must use a container or have been put in a crate. But the minimum weight allowed is a maximum of 30 kg which is included in the weight of the crate.
    Pets must be taken care of to eat, drink, or whatever it is.

No wonder the price of boarding a plane is very expensive. With the additional space for pets, the plane had to provide another empty space. Not all pets can be brought into a passenger plane. If the number of pets is more than one, they are usually placed in a special box in the trunk.

Cat Flu is not cured

Cat Flu is not cured

It’s not only humans who can feel the flu or even get sick. Cats can feel it too. A cat that is feeling the flu if it is not treated will not recover. Flu in cats certainly has a cause, namely because of bacteria.

The bacteria that exist in cats not only cause flu but can cause coughing. There are other types of bacteria that can make cats feel other illnesses such as fever, sore throat, and others. The pain experienced by cats is the same as humans, those of you who feel this type of pain must be uneasy.

How to treat

Zlatnido – Cats who feel sick with the flu or fever for months are certainly not ordinary sick and do not need ordinary treatment. People who are sick, if they have been for months, must be handled by an expert, especially since this is a cat that cannot be known what causes it. The right way to treat sick cats

Vaccines are one way to treat illness. But the vaccine is given before the cat gets sick. Vaccines are only a protector so you don’t get sick easily.

clean the nostrils//taking care of cats
  1. Food intake
    because cats still like to walk even when they are sick, what we need to change is their food intake. By providing a different intake than the others, the cat can recover quickly. Give food that is easy to swallow and has a strong aroma. Because the flu in cats is usually accompanied by a sore throat.
  2. Residence
    if your pet cat is usually combined with humans or other cats, then you need to move it to a special room. A special room not only separates other cats but also makes cats less stressed.

Visit the zoo

Visit the zoo

Visiting the zoo is certainly not just a walk. many couples bring their children to see cute and cute animals. Invite them to get to know all the animals in the zoo. Not only seeing the pictures through picture books and videos but being able to see directly the activities and behavior of the animals.

It’s really cute and adorable, it makes lots of kids excited and wants to feed them and pet them. There are many types of animals that you can meet. Visiting the zoo can teach children about the types of animals they encounter.

Animal type

Zlatnido – If you visit the zoo, don’t forget to meet the prima donna of the zoo. Of course, some of you know which animals are always the prima donna and children’s favorite. The following types of animals that you can find in the zoo are:

One of the animals that many people like very much. Panda is the best-known animal and a favorite of many people. Apart from being tame, pandas also sometimes make movements that are very funny and cute.

feed and take photos together//Panda


Going to the zoo, of course, don’t forget to meet elephants. A huge beast capable of destroying any object with a single blow. Elephants are actually very cute and can provide some exciting attractions by lifting objects using their long trunks.

Zebra cross
One of the animals has the same body color as the crossing sign. This horse-like animal is always the center of attention of zoo visitors.

If you visit a zoo, don’t forget to meet horses that live in the water. The hippopotamus is an animal that comes from the African continent. Its large body can soak in the water for a long time.

One of the animals that you can visit and feed. There are two types of deer, some have horns and some don’t have horns. In the world of deer, children are often mentioned in fairy tales, namely the mouse deer. It’s no wonder that children who meet deer will be happier and happier.

Animals that are excellent and often difficult to visit. The ferocious king of the forest turns out you take a closer look, it is very fierce and scary. For adults, this is very dangerous. But do you know that children who see it look different? Like a big cat that is very strong and dashing in the eyes of children.

Cara Mengajarkan Anjing Agar lebih penurut

Cara Mengajarkan Anjing Agar lebih penurut

Anjing merupakan salah satu hewan yang pintar. Anda yang ingin sekali memiliki anjing pintar maka anda harus rajin untuk mengajarinya. Semakin sering anda berbicara kepada si anjing maka akan semakin banyak kosakata yang di hafalnya. Mengajari anjing seperti mengajarkan balita. Tidak mudah memang tetapi tidak sulit juga untuk anda yang ingin mengajarkannya apabila sabar. Ada cara mengajarkan anjing agar lebih penurut. Berikut langkah untuk mengajarkan anjing.

1.  Kenalkan Semua Benda

Dengan anda mengenalkan semua benda kepada anjing maka kamu akan lebih mudah di turuti. Jika mengenalkan anjing ke luar rumah biaskan anda menggunakan tali untuk menuntunnya. Apabila saat anda mengenalkan anjing tidak menggunakan tali terus pantau. Jika sampai anjing menjauh maka anda harus panggil agar mendekatimu. Zlatnido

  1. Perintah
    anda memberikan perintah kepada anjing dengan suara yang sedang serta anda bisa memperagakannya. Perintahkan dengan berlahan agar dia mengerti dan pastinya dengan sabar. Jangan lupa memberikan imbalan sebagai bentuk kata pintar telah menuruti perintah.

    Berikan perintah kepada anjing yang di pahami. Jika anda memberikan perintah yang baik dan mudah di pahami. Anjing bisa mengikuti bahasa tuannya meski si anjing dari luar negeri pun. Apabila dia sudah bersama tuannya maka dia akan mudah sekali belajar. 
  1. Bonus
    jangan lupa anjing yang telah menuruti kata kita harus di berikan hadiah. Meski hanya snack kecil tetapi anjing tetap akan melakukannya. Bukan hanya sekedar memberikan hadiah tetapi anda pun bisa memberikan Hukuman. Hukuman di berikan apabila dia tidak menuruti perintah anda. 
beri bonus saat berhasil//imut

Mengajarkan anjing bisa di lakukan setiap hari dengan beberapa kata terlebih dahulu. Akan lebih baiknya anda latih anjing setiap harinya atau ajak bicara anjing selayaknya anda mengajak bicara seorang teman. 

Alasan Kenapa Kucing Mendatangi Rumah kita

Alasan Kenapa Kucing Mendatangi Rumah kita

Kucing adalah hewan yang paling disukai oleh siapapun termasuk anak – anak. Hewan yang paling manis dari pada hewan manapun. Kucing salah satu hewan yang sering di pelihara oleh siapapun. Entah itu kucing biasa atau kucing termahal sekalipun. Banyak dari kalian tentu masih penasaran alasan kenapa kucing mendatangi rumah kita ?

Pernahkah anda melihat ada 1 kucing pasti hanya masuk kedalam rumah anda saja. Kucing yang masuk kedalam rumah anda tidak pernah masuk kedalam rumah tetangga anda atau semua orang yang ada di sekeliling anda.

Kucing  yang mendatangi kerumah anda tentu saja bukan tidak ada tujuan. Beberapa alasan kucing datang kerumah anda ialah Zlatnido

– Berbagi Rejeki

Allah sengaja mengajarkan anda untuk berbagi rejeki . dimana kucing yang datang kerumah entah urusan makan, bermain atau sekedar menginap adalah tanda anda harus mau berbagi. Berbagi rejeki bukan hanya urusan uang tetapi ada makanan, tempat tinggal serta kesenangan. Anda yang mampu memberikan kebahagian bagi kucing nantinya akan di berikan kelimpahan rejeki.

berbagi rejeki//lucu dan imut

– Merasa aman
kucing meski hanya sekedar hewan tetapi dia tau kepada siapa dia berlindung. Meski anda yang memiliki wajah kurang menyenangkan atau memiliki sikap yang galak sekali terhadap sesama tetapi kucing bisa merasakan anda bisa memberi keamanan. Kucing yang merasa aman pasti akan terus datang kerumah anda entah hanya siang hari, malam hari atau kapan pun dia merasa tidak aman. Jika kucing menginap di rumah anda untuk sekedar tidur atau bersembunyi biarkan saja.

– Akan memberikan rejeki

jika anda sudah bisa memberikan rejeki untuk kucing maka anda akan di berikan rejeki melimpah. Itu memang hukum tuai menuai. Apa yang kamu tabur maka itu lah yang akan kamu tuai. Jika kamu baik sama kucing maka kamu akan di berikan kebaikan sampai puluhan kali.

Anda yang sudah membaca ini jangan sampai anda melakukan kesalahan. Tidak ada salahnya kita memberikan sedikit makanan atau tumpangan kepada kucing bukan karena ingin rejeki. Tetapi anggaplah kucing sebagai saudara sendiri. 

Kucing jantan yang birahi

Kucing jantan yang birahi

Kucing jantan yang birahi bisa membuat banyak kucing betina yang hamil. Bukan hanya kucing betina saja yang mudah birahi. Ternyata kucing jantan pun juga birahi. Sebagai pemiliki kucing tentu kalian harus mengetahui sifat kucing jantan yang sedang birahi atau biasa di sebut kucing kawin. Dengan mengetahui semua tingkah lakunya maka kalian bisa dengan mudah menghadapinya.

Hampir Sebagian kucing yang mendekati masa kawin akan mulai mencari pasang. Mengajak jalan bersama dan melakukan proses kawin. Bila di rumah kalian ada kucing sepasang maka siap – siap menerima banyak kucing. Akan lahir anak – anak lucu dan mengemaskan dari betina. Tetapi bila kalian Lelah merawat kucing karena terlalu banyak bisa dengan melakukan steril kepada kucing jantan atau betina.

Ciri – ciri

Hal tersebut bisa membuat mereka para kucing tidak merasakan Hasrat untuk bercinta Kembali. Meski demikian kalian juga harus mulai mempelajari tingkah kucing jantan yang mulai minta kawin seperti: Zlatnido

  • Mengeong

Kucing bukan hanya mengeong saat makan saja. Mereka akan mengeong saat masa birahi mereka sedang panas – panasnya. Jadi bukan hanya betina saja yang mengeong keras. Tetapi kucing jantan pun akan mengeong dengan keras. Suara yang begitu keras sebagai tanda para kucing jantan sedang mengundang kucing betinanya.

memberi tanda wilayah//Siap sedia
  • Tidak Pulang

Saat sedang musim kawin kucing yang terbiasa hidup bebas akan mudah keluar rumah dan tidak akan pulang. Hal ini dikarenakan si kucing sedang mencari mangsa untuk kawin. Setelah dapat maka si kucing akan pulang dengan sendirinya.

Bau kucing

Penciuman kucing akan menjadi sangat sensitive saat sedang birahi. Mencari betina tidak perlu menggunakan suara pun bisa dengan menggunakan bau kucing betina. Maka dengan mudah para kucing jantan bisa langsung menemukan tempat kucing betina berada.

  • Agresif

Di masa birahi kucing jantan juga menunjukkan sikap yang agresif. Sikap yang terkadang sering merusak perabotan rumah. Mengaruk dan merusak semua perabotan membuat kalian jadi mengalami kesulitan. Maka siapkan sebuah alat pengaruk untuk kucing agar tidak merusak perabotan.

  • Tanda wilayah

Saat sedang masa birahi biasanya para kucing yang belum menemukan pasangannya akan memberi tanda wilayah. Sebuah tanda yang di dapat dari bau kencing kucing. Tanda yang akan menuntun para betina datang ke tempat kucing jantan.

How to deal with female cats’ lust

How to deal with female cats’ lust

How to deal with a female cat in heat can be said to be difficult – easy. Cats who are in marriage sometimes have a slightly sensitive souls. Seeing the cat’s strange behavior with all its behavior will certainly make you confused. A sensitive feeling that can turn into sadness and suffering.

To get rid of sensitivity, of course, you can prepare the right steps. The best step for all of your cats. Entertaining cats is a sign of eliminating boredom and can make cats happy. You can start trying to play with your female cat with several types of games such as playing catch fish, toys filled with food, and several other movements.

Steps to overcome lust

As long as the cat is still in heat, it will certainly make the heart and mind uneasy. Zlatnido – You can prepare compressed water. Let the cat sit on the compressed water so it can calm down. Cats in heat sometimes also show a lazy attitude. As a good friend, you should check it every day. Cleaning the cat’s poop area so that the cat wants to defecate again.

When your cat is in the heat for the first time, maybe you will be confused about how to act. Ordinary people, maybe they just think that cats are very noisy and let them go. Make a female cat come home pregnant. But if you are used to it, of course, you won’t worry. Cats that fail to mate during heat can appear again a few weeks later.


prevent pregnancy by neutering cats//marriage period

If you don’t want your female cat to get pregnant, you can take her to the vet. Get the cat sterilized. So that your cat is not pregnant and no longer needs to feel lust. Of course, you will feel sad because the cat you love cannot give cute and cute children anymore. But it’s a different story if the one you sterilize is a male.

So females can still contain only male cats who cannot give children. The purpose of neutering is actually very good for owners who don’t like having multiple cats or people who feel that they are too busy with adult cats.

Female cat in heat

Female cat in heat

A female cat who is in heat sometimes makes all the residents of the house uneasy. Maintaining a cute and cute cat will certainly be very fun. Seeing their ridiculous behavior can make you happy and the stress disappears. But what power if the cat you care for turns out to be a female cat?

Female cats, like humans, generally have fertile periods and menstrual periods. Even adult female cats will find ways to safely pass their heat. If you don’t neuter female cats then they will continue to have an endless mating period.

Changed behavior

Zlatnido – Female cats that are ready to be mated are usually six to ten months old. The fertile period for active and agile cats. Most owners don’t know that a cat’s lust period can reach quite a long time. This is what sometimes often sees the behavior of cats starting to be different from before.

For those of you who keep a female cat, of course, you need to know the nature of a cat that is starting to lust. Here’s the behavior you should be aware of:


The nature of a female cat who starts to want to lust usually starts to be spoiled. Rubbing – Rubbing the body to some objects while turning his back. Of course, ordinary people will feel confused. Not only objects, but you can also become victims of a cat rubbing. When rubbing the cat will lift its tail to carry out the mating process.

check the health of the cat//sweet

Excessive bathing

Did you know that when a cat licks itself excessively, this indicates that the cat has started asking to be married? There are some people who say that a cat that shows excessive licking may have urinary tract disorders. You can try to take it to the doctor immediately to have it checked.


A cat that continues to meow non-stop is indicating that it is calling its partner for intercourse. A call that continues on continues until it gets a partner.

Mating position

The general public, of course, they have seen the position of mating cats. When the cat is mating, the female is always below and the male is above. The female’s head is down, the front legs are bent as if they want to lie down, and the back is raised so that it can enter easily, don’t forget to also lift the tail and place it beside the cat’s body. Sometimes you also often see male cats that are mating and biting the head of a female cat.


Other lust traits can mark the territory by peeing in a place according to the power of the cat.

Do not want to eat

When in heat the cat prefers not to eat. This should not happen because it can make the cat fall sick.


When in the heat the cat does not get close to the door. Because cats can run away from home. Cats that run away find partners and complete their mating period. They will return after being satisfied with what the cat wants. So for those of you who love cats, try not to bring cats near the door.

Dangerous food for cats

Dangerous food for cats

Dangerous food for cats can make them injured and die quickly. Cats are funny and cute animals. Every behavior can hypnotize us and become awkward. In order for them to grow healthily, of course, they have to prepare various types of healthy cat food.

Almost all cats when they see someone carrying food will follow. They are persistent cats and never give up. Whatever type of food you eat and prepare, they will immediately be greeted with happiness. As a good cat owner, of course, you have to pay attention to the health condition of the cats.

Do not give human food

Lack of vigilance and thoroughness can make you lose your beloved cat. To be able to take care of your cats, you can start by preparing a type of food for cats. Learn which foods cannot be consumed by cats. Did you know that human food should not be given to cats? Zlatnido

Food that can be delicious for you but toxic for cats. There are several types of food that cats should not actually consume, namely:

Using onions

Cooking using onions is very good for the human body. But for cats, this can make them anemic. The red blood cells of the cats get damaged and the body’s condition decreases. So you don’t give the cats any food that contains onions.


Milk is one intake to strengthen bones. This is very good for those of you who like to drink milk. In contrast, cats can make them get diarrhea and obesity.

good for humans poison for cats//check cat food

There are several fruits that cats are not allowed to consume, namely grapes and raisins. Fruit can make cats get kidney failure.


The most delicious and delicious food can turn out to be poison for cats. There are several dangerous ingredients in chocolate that can make cats vomit, have diarrhea, have heart failure, and lead to death.

Eggs, fish, and meat

If you want to give a cat good food, it’s best to give it cooked. Don’t give cats food in a raw state. It can make the bacteria in eggs, fish and raw meat lock the function of absorbing B vitamins. It can make cats suffer from skin diseases and damage the absorption of B vitamins.


Processing foods that you should avoid are the liver. Any type of liver must be avoided because it can make your beloved cat exposed to poison from vitamin A. Apart from toxins from vitamin A, there are also conditions that make cats unable to walk or osteoporosis.

Don’t let your cats eat the cookie dough. Cake dough is the process of making cakes that are still raw and unfinished. If it gets eaten by a cat, it can experience development in the cat’s stomach. As a result, you have to take your cat to the hospital for stomach surgery.

Tuna fish
You could say the favorite food for cats. It’s just that tuna is also not good for cat health. Can cause mercury poisoning in cats.

It’s not just people with stomach ulcers who should avoid coffee. Cats shouldn’t drink coffee either. Drinks that can make cats convulse have difficulty breathing, and much more.

Merawat kucing terkena diare

Merawat kucing terkena diare

Merawat kucing terkena diare bisa kalian lakukan pada pertolongan pertama. Banyak yang tidak tahu kalau kucing yang terkena diare bisa ditangani dengan mudah tanpa harus pergi ke dokter hewan. Kalian bisa mulai merawat para kucing dengan beberapa pertolongan yang bisa kalian lakukan dirumah.

Perhatikan Kesehatan kucing kalian secara berkala. Bila kalian menemukan kucing kalian terkena diare dengan kadar ringan bisa mulai merawat di rumah saja. Tetapi bila sakit yang di Alami kucing kalian lebih parah maka segeralah bawa ke dokter hewan. Tak peduli berapa umur kucing yang kalian rawat juga jangan lupa untuk selalu menyediakan air minum.

Rawat dirumah

Zlatnido – Ada banyak jenis penyakit diare yang bisa dialami oleh para kucing. Untuk bisa mengetahui jenis diare kalian bisa mulai mengamati semua Tindakan dan kelakuan kucing kalian saat sakit. Bila sakit diare kucing ringan maka kalian bisa melakukan beberapa perawatan yang ringan di rumah. Nah untuk kalian yang ingin merawat kucing dan ingin kucing cepat sembuh dari diare bisa dengan beberapa Langkah berikut :

  • Makanan

Saat kalian menemukan kucing sakit diare maka segera ganti makanan kucing kalian. Saat mengkonsumsi makanan biasa mungkin kucing menikmatinya. Tapi berbeda saat kucing sedang sakit. Nafsu makan berkurang dan bisa membuat saluran pencernaan tersumbat. Selama sakit jangan memberi kucing sembarang makan. Siapkan makanan yang khusus dan bernutrisi untuk kucing.

  • Serat

Diare sering membuat tubuh kucing jadi lebih lemas dan tidak bisa aktif. Ada beberapa yang berkata kalau kucing yang mengkonsumsi makanan yang bisa dicerna bisa membuat kondisi diare jadi mudah sembuh. Tapi saat kucing kalian tidak mengalami diare tapi mengeluarkan banyak kotoran maka kalian bisa coba menerapkan makanan serat yang bisa di cerna dengan baik oleh kucing.

periksa keadaan kucing//cek kesehatan
  • Menghilangkan dehidrasi

Diare terkadang bisa membuat kondisi tubuh kekurangan cairan. Hal tersebut yang membuat kucing jadi dehidrasi. Jadi kalian harus selalu menyiapkan air yang cukup untuk minum kucing. Minuman yang diberi kaldu ayam atau sapi bisa membuat kucing jadi lupa dengan makanan kaleng untuk sementara.

  • Antidiare

Bila semua nutri sudah kalian siapkan jangan lupa untuk menyiapkan obat antidiare. Obat yang bisa membuat diare tidak datang dan bisa membuat stamina tubuh jadi lebih baik.