Most Expensive Dog

Most Expensive Dog

Dogs are often underestimated and considered useless. But such a statement is clearly wrong. The reason is that dogs are smarter at guarding their masters than other animals. There are too many dogs around the world, but those of you who want the most expensive dog with an explanation

German shepherds

Zlatnido – The German shepherd dog is the most expensive dog breed. If you have a dog like this, you can afford to own a luxurious home, because this dog has a price tag of up to billions. There are so many types of German Shepherd dogs that you need to understand what kind of shape you want.


trained dog//funny

The Rottweiler dog is a dog of the German breed. Rottweiler dogs are usually used as working dogs which often help the police to carry out military duties. The color of the Rottweiler dog’s fur is blackish brown with ears that fall close to its head. The price of this dog is one of the most expensive because it has a value of up to hundreds of millions.


The Samoyed dog has a cute shape in terms of body and fur. The white and irregular fur color makes this dog look even cuter. When he was small this dog looked like a very cute polar bear. This dog, originally from Siberia, can pull a train when asked by his master. This samoyed dog has thick fur so it needs a cool atmosphere.


Akita dogs have been around for over 100 years. This dog has intelligence in hunting. Apart from being a hunting dog, this dog is often used as a player in various Hollywood films. Akita dogs have a price tag of 60 million.

Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff dogs have very high prices if you want to buy them, the price range is around 24 billion. The coat color of the Tibetan Mastiff varies, some are black or golden. This dog is so rare, this dog is famous as a war dog.

How to be liked by cats

How to be liked by cats

You can apply a few easy steps to make your cat like you. Seeing a cat that is furry and sweet who will refuse it. I really want to stroke and cuddle a sweet and cute cat. It’s just that not all cats like to be approached. There are some cats that are fierce and don’t want anyone to touch them.

Even so, you are still excited, not with a fat and sweet cat. Did you know that cats can also be approached in unique ways, such as:

Move alone – Zlatnido

When you meet a cat, you can adopt a willing but shy attitude. Cats will come to someone who is alone sometimes. Or you can give a small response so the cat can move closer to you.

Getting close in a cat way

give the right portion//sweet

Of course, you have met cats who greet each other. Before starting to greet them, they sometimes smell the smell of the opposite sex or cats of the same type. Now for those of you who want to get closer, you can reach out and let them sniff first. If it fits they will let their bodies be caressed by you.


The thing cats love the most is petting. When you pet the cat, it will give you a funny position. They will grunt, wring their paws, and much more.

Love space

If you meet a cat that is afraid of people, don’t chase it. This will make the cat more alert and not want to approach. Giving space to the cat will make the cat more trusting and closer.


If you have a cat, don’t forget to arrange the food. Don’t let the cat weigh too much. Because when fat cats won’t be able to clean their own bodies. As a cat lover, of course, you will maintain a cat’s diet.

Advantages of Keeping Dogs

Advantages of Keeping Dogs

A dog is just an animal, but if you are able to use a dog properly, you will get many benefits. But before getting a dog you have to know in advance what type of dog you are going to keep. Because there are so many types of dog breeds.

Dogs of any race can actually be cared for by anyone, but each race if the weaknesses and strengths are not known will make them sickly and possibly die.

The benefits of keeping a dog

Zlatnido – Some of the benefits of keeping a dog that you need to know
Human Friend
Actually, a good human friend can be said to be a dog. Because every complaint that you convey can be impregnated. Especially when you pour out all the emotions and pleasures the dog will understand, even if he just stays quiet while listening to his owner’s chatter. But when you are about to be insulted by someone, he is ready to defend his master.

Improves Moods

as a friend//share

Someone who likes to spend time with dogs will put their mood better. Of course, those of you who have problems with mental health can try raising a dog. By inviting your dog to play, joke, and do good activities, you will be more creative.

  1. Be Social
    If you are an introvert, if you have a dog, it will be easy for you to socialize. Because dogs are active animals. If you are a quiet person maybe you will be exhausted because of his actions. But when you realize that more or less makes you more active in speaking than before.
  2. Good at keeping watch
    Dogs are animals that are always awake in their sleep. If anyone moves even a little, it will wake the dog up. Dogs can be a security guard. Guard the house from the front.

Avoid Depression

Someone who is experiencing difficulties will certainly look for friends to confide in. When dogs see their master sad they will come and hug their master.. Not only for children who can feel depressed but for the elderly it is also important. Older age makes them lonely. This is what makes many parents look for friends for their old age. Dogs can be friends in your old age.. Dogs can be animals that easily keep one’s emotions in check. You can reminisce by inviting them to play while talking. Dogs can also be confidant friends..

Pets Relieve Stress

Pets Relieve Stress

People who are often stressed and unable to suppress their emotions may be the right solution to having a pet. There are some people who keep animals not just as a hobby but to relieve stress. Depression, of course, needs to be removed so that it doesn’t get worse.

Even though pets just stay silent without answering your complaints, animals are able to reduce our anger. Pets that have funny faces or funny behavior make it easy for us to forget the emotions that exist. Not only is it able to reduce anger, but caring for animals is able to divert negative thoughts that might arise. The following are pets that you should or might be able to keep


Zlatnido – Seeing fish swimming in a pond or aquarium can make the owner calm down. Who would have thought that fish, both small and large, could relieve stress? Relieving the stress of seeing fish is when you hear fish swimming. The sound of moving water will hypnotize you.


be playmates//dog friend

Indeed, having a dog has been proven to relieve stress. Someone who has a dog can invite direct interaction so negative thoughts don’t come. Dogs are intelligent creatures that you can play with and be good friends with when you have a problem. Those of you who have had dogs since childhood will definitely feel a connection. So it’s no wonder that dogs with owners have deep emotional feelings.


Cats are not much different from dogs. So those of you who always play with cats will have deep emotions. Cats don’t feel bad when taught in any way. Cats can be taught just like you teach dogs. But those of you who keep cats should pay attention to whether you or your family have allergies.


Even though I can’t answer all of your questions. But they will always be loyal to accompany you. Although not as smart as a parrot but can still hear your words. But the birds that you care for and often talk to will definitely understand the same.

The animals mentioned are animals that are able to provide pleasure and relieve stress. The animals mentioned are not difficult to obtain. To have them you can go to the pet shop or to the fish shop. To have it you can buy it at an affordable price.

How to Bath a Dog

How to Bath a Dog

Pet dogs will be better bathed because later they will be with their masters every day passing by. A bathed dog is not only good for the residents of the house but also good for the dog itself.

The benefit of bathing for dogs, of course, is to maintain the health of their fur and skin. With a clean bath, the dog will be free from dirt. And of course, a clean dog will make you comfortable if he is on your bed or wants to hug you.

Steps to Bathing a Dog

Here are the steps for bathing a dog – Zlatnido

Bath time

How long do you bathe your dog? This question is often asked by many people, including someone who often takes care of dogs. Dog bath time actually should be regular but back again with the fur. When viewed globally, most dog hair is normal so it needs to be bathed once a month. If you want your dog to be cleaner then you can bathe it once a week. Or you can follow the doctor’s advice because some dogs have oily hair and other types of fur.


Dog baths are anywhere as long as they are clean. If the dog you have is still small you can bathe in the sink or you can spray it with a pipe. There is nothing wrong if you use a portable bathtub to bathe the dog. Because actually, dogs don’t like being sprayed with a pipe directly on their bodies.

maintain dog health//foamy

bristle brush

Dogs have a lot of hair for that you have to brush the fur but slowly. Make sure when brushing that the bristles do not get into the ears. Make sure when brushing you use a special shampoo so as not to damage the hair.

Take a warm shower

Dog skin is of course different from human skin. Make sure the water provided is not too hot so that the dog’s skin does not hurt and damage.

Sing and talk

If you talk to the dog or sing in the bath, the dog will appear calm. Talking will make the dog’s mind not be afraid anymore when he hears the word bath.


Rinse the soap that is on the dog until clean and make sure not to touch the water directly on the ears or eyes or sensitive areas. Make sure to rinse repeatedly and you don’t see any soap at all.

Dry the dog’s hair or fur with a towel first. If it is not too wet then you can use a heater (hair dryer). make sure not to overheat their skin while they are drying so as not to cause itching.

  1. Give compliments
    When finished bathing the dog, don’t forget to give a sign of love and great praise for being about to take a bath and smell good.

Tips for safe pets at home

Tips for safe pets at home

Tips for safe pets at home you can apply easily. Having a pet is certainly very, very fun. Can play and joke with them in my free time. Playing with pets also provides many benefits and can also help the body become healthy.

Of course, you must be confused by hearing that having a pet can provide many benefits and health. There are some experts say interacting with animals can help reduce blood pressure. In addition to reducing blood pressure, it turns out that raising animals can also help relieve boredom and severe stress.

No time

Zlatnido – Not everyone is able to give full responsibility for raising animals. Most of their time is spent working and doing strenuous activities. So that most of their pets are neglected and lack love. Maybe because of this, many pets often run away and don’t come back.

In order for pets to be safe and comfortable at home, we have to start giving them some attention that makes them feel at home and doesn’t want to leave. When it starts to steadily want to maintain, there are several things that must be observed, such as:

play with pets//together

Keep harmful plants away

Newly purchased pets will usually start to be curious about the new environment. Walk around looking at all corners of the room. When there are plants in the house, immediately move them to a place where cats cannot reach them. Curious cats will usually smell and eat something they can chew. To avoid this you have to keep plants away from your pets.

Power cable

Keep the power cord away from your pets. Both their cat and dog love to chew stuff. To prevent it from being bitten and eaten, immediately remove the power cord or place it in a safe place.

Close the balcony tightly

When you invite pets to play on the balcony, you must immediately close the balcony tightly. Animals have a very high curiosity.


While you are sleeping puppies are looking for something they can bite. Don’t let them take drugs. This can harm our pets if they chew carelessly. So you have to be extra in putting things when you’re with pets.


Close the toilet when finished. As you know, kittens and dogs are small in size. Falling into it could hurt them and die.
So as a good master, you have to take extra care and love them.

How to train a dog

How to train a dog

How to train a dog requires a lot of patience. Many say that dogs are the most loyal friends. This can be proven by some of the behavior of dogs who always try to protect their masters. Their cute and adorable behavior makes us unable to look away from them.

In addition to caring for dogs, we also have to teach a word or command to the dog. This is done so that when they are given an order they can run it immediately. It’s just that to command your dog you also have to teach him patiently. Train a dog we can not just train it.

If the Akita’s way to train is wrong, even the dog will respond wrongly.

So to be able to teach dogs we must know the steps in teaching dogs such as;

train patiently//Tos
  • Sit down – Zlatnido
    When you want to train your dog, try baiting them with dog food or dog treats. How to point the treat to the dog’s nose. Let them kiss for a moment. Move the hand holding the treat over the dog’s head. Automatically the dog will immediately follow your hand movements and immediately sit on the floor.
    Seeing the dog is already sitting then say sit or sit. After that, you just give the dog snacks while saying and stroking the dog. After that do the exercise repeatedly so that they memorize the words. Don’t give a lot of snacks.
  • High five/ Tos
    To get a high five from your dog, you can ask him to do a task. If the task given is successful, you can say high fives while raising your hands up. Or it could be by filling your palms with dog snacks. Then hold the snack while pointing to the dog’s nose. They will automatically raise their hand. That’s when you just say high fives. If you manage to do a high five, you can immediately give the snack to the dog. Do it repeatedly so that the dog memorized.
  • Lie down
    A decent exercise is said to be more difficult than other Exercises. To make the dog lie down, you can prepare snacks in your hands. Then bring it close to the dog’s nose. Let the smell of the snacks smell first. After that, lower the hand grip towards the floor and the dog will immediately go down. When coming down say lie down, and while giving snacks. Do this several times. But when the dog suddenly tries to sit up and jumps you can say no.